AntiGravity's AIRBarre: A Full-Body Aerial Dance Conditioning Experience

What You Need to Know About AntiGravity's AIRbarre

Grand Jete Left

AntiGravity AIRbarre is the evolution of dance conditioning; training the body and mind for grace and poise while allowing participants to move freely in three dimensional space.  It is a combination of AntiGravity-style aerial fitness and barre fitness. Created by award-winning Broadway Aerial Choreographer, Christopher Harrison, who also created the genre of aerial yoga, this thorough technique borrows the tools from dance conditioning and aerial yoga to shape the body. Accessible to anyone who has an exercise regimen, the apparatus actually supports proper alignment and makes challenging moves like pirouettes and jumps available to all. First timers should expect to get a challenging over-all body workout while playing to a mix of Broadway classics, ballet standards, and phresh beats.

Once only accessible to dancers, AntiGravity AIRbarre utilizes the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock, which gives greater leverage in stretching and allows everyone to safely and playfully experience the benefits of dance training at the ballet barre.  Professional dancers are constantly aspiring for: cleaner lines, higher jumps, more turns – in pursuit of perfection they feel they never arrive. In AntiGravity AIRbarre aerial dance conditioning we seek excellence instead, and together, celebrate the journey.

The apparatus, which Harrison invented for performance and adapted for aerial yoga and suspension fitness allows for a much wider movement vocabulary than a stationary barre.  A typical workout chisels the core and defines the muscles of the legs.  Exercises include plies, supported chorus line kicks, low impact/high cardio tug jumps and AntiGravity’s signature zero-compression inversions. Students also learn aerial poses, which challenge the upper body, something other barre methods cannot tout. To assure safety, make certain your instructor is AntiGravity® Certified and that your apparatus is genuine with the AntiGravity logo. 

Click through the poses provided in the slideshow. These poses are typical to an AIRbarre workout. They're best learned initially from a Certified AntiGravity® AIRbarre Instructor in a licensed AntiGravity® studio. If you have your own Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock and you've learned the basic biomechanics of the apparatus, you can follow the directions as described.

About the Author: Christopher Harrison

Christopher Harrison is a producer/director, fitness/yoga expert, and the Founder America’s premiere aerial acrobatic entertainment and suspension fitness companies: AntiGravity® Entertainment (est. 1991) and AntiGravity® Fitness (est. 2008). A kinetic innovator, Harrison is an award-winning Broadway aerial choreographer, with numerous original productions and movement vocabularies to his credit. He is also a pioneer in suspension fitness and the creator of the aerial yoga genre. He has personally authored seven suspension fitness programs on the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock, now licensed and practiced in over 50 countries taught by nearly 3,000 certified AntiGravity® Instructors around the world.

Harrison’s AntiGravity Entertainment company performs on the world’s largest stages, including numerous Olympic Ceremonies, VMA’s, Grammy’s, Academy Awards and rock tours. As the Artistic Director, Harrison has created for the Metropolitan Opera and for feature films, including Disney’s “Enchanted.” AntiGravity® boasts an impeccable safety record of over two decades, and they were the only non-singing act chosen to perform for the TV broadcast of President Obama’s First Neighborhood Inaugural Ball.

Harrison began his career as a gymnastics specialist, placing in the World Games and was featured on the cover of International Gymnast Magazine. He made his screen debut in the hit film Footloose and has made TV guest appearances on major networks in the U.S. and across the globe. Harrison is considered an expert on the benefits of inversion therapy and has been featured on the cover of Asana International Yoga Journal and in publications throughout India.He is dedicated to spreading health & happiness around the world through his unique work.  

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Inverted Ballerina

Inverted Ballerina

The Inverted Ballerina pose decompresses the spine. It's done with a back belt single leg wrap with a closed hammock. Come into the pose with a Table-Top Mount going through Monkey Pose. Extend one leg up, maintaining tension, while releasing the other into Arabesque. Come out by reversing the sequence and go to Chillax Pose. Accomplishing this pose is not difficult, provided one understands the biomechanics of the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock and has trust. 



The Giselle pose emanates from the aerial arts on the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock. It's done with a stacking grip from a single leg wrap side mount on open hammock. Kick the free leg up and over with a scissor kick until tension is met. Pull with your arms to flexion, then press down with the leg to pull yourself to above hammock, maintaining tension. Press arms away and bring weight over supporting leg. Head stays in front of hammock for stability. This pose sends fresh blood to the leg and challenges proprioception.

Second Position Forced Arch

Second Position Forced Arch

Start with hands in Push Grip on the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock. From under the plumbline with legs wide (second position) and hips turned out, align knees over big toe and bend knees with feet flat. Lift tall through the torso and do not bend at the hips. Press arch of foot high into Forced Arch, keeping the ball of your foot under your ankle. Maintaining this position, pulse up and down for 30 seconds. Squeeze the glutes on the up motion. This action strengthens the quadriceps, glutes, adductors, and calves. This pose is meant to be done in succession with the up and down action of pliés. 

Grand Jeté

Grand Jete

The Grand Jeté is a variation on the Butterfly Pose. It's done on the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock in Open Position. Mounting with a Step Up in Basic Grip from behind, gather 12 fistfuls, leaving approximately 2 feet of fabric in front of foot. Step up with control, avoiding sway. Trip Step the free leg and pull the fabric through center. Find Criss Cross Stand. Bring arms through to Reverse Grip High and tug to slack to free legs to slide outward wide in second position. This is a great hamstring stretch focusing on the adductors, and a good hip opener as well. Reverse the process to come out.

Sail Derriére

Sail Derriere

Start on the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock in Open Position in Single Leg Wrap Front with a Basic Grip. Maintain tension while rotating leg 180 degrees on the horizontal plane. Release opposite side grip to second position. Continue rotation to Arabesque, releasing other hand. Maintain tension at all times. This is a great opener for the hips and lumbar spine, and it also challenges proprioception.

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