App for Tracking Twins

I recently learned about an app for twins from Lynda Haddon, an author and multiple birth educator. I wasn't willing to pay the $2.99 to download the app, since my twin daughters have long outgrown the days when I needed to track their feeding, sleeping and diaper habits. (Now, if someone comes up with an app to track the whereabouts of teen twins, I'm all in!)

However, I wanted to bring it to my readers' attention and get some feedback.

Is an app that tracks your babies' events through the day a better solution than a written checklist or chart? In this tech age, is an app the trick to staying organized and staying sane when you have newborn multiples? I know that I struggled to keep track of which baby did what for how long at what time in the hazy crazy days with two newborns. The physical and emotional toll of childbirth clouded my brain; lack of sleep left me feeling foggy most of the time. I used a simple checklist in a notebook, but soon found that it was tedious to try to keep up the routine and discarded it within a week.

As of now, the app is only available for iPhone or iPod Touch, and costs $2.99 from iTunes. The app claims to be the only product especially for twins and multiples, but it can also be used for multiple children of varying ages. An exporting feature allows you to share the information with doctors, care providers and others.

In addition, the app provides access to parenting tips and lullaby music to help your babies sleep.