Are All Children Gifted?

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Question: Are All Children Gifted?

My child seems quite advanced for her age. She is four and is already able to read chapter books on her own. She can also add double digits in her head. I have been talking to people about her education because I'm afraid that my daughter won't be challenged in school. I've mentioned that I think my daughter is gifted and that gifted kids have different needs in school.

However, many of the people I've talked to tell me that all children are gifted. Is that true?

Answer: All children have abilities that make them unique in their own way, but giftedness refers to extraordinary, exceptional, beyond-the-norm abilities and talents. We are all athletic and musical to some degree, but we can't all achieve at the same level. If we could, Olympic medals would be as common as the one dollar bill and we could all hold concerts to draw international audiences.

Gifted children account for about 3% to 5% of the population, depending on which IQ giftedness starts. It can also depend on whether IQ alone determines who is to be consider gifted. Traditionally, IQ was used to determine giftedness and an IQ of 130 is generally accepted as the point at which a child might be considered gifted.

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