Are Crib Drawers Worth the Money?

Is this smart storage solution worth the hype?

Cribs come in different styles and materials, they have different features and they hit every price point, but how can you tell which crib elements are worth spending a little more money?

Some of the "fancier" and more expensive cribs on the market, for example, offer space-saving crib drawers, but crib drawers can add $100 to the total cost of a baby crib. So the big question is: Is the extra storage worth the money?

A space-saving crib drawer seems like an ingenious idea, but upon closer inspection, crib drawers may not be all they are cracked up to be.

The Problems With Under-The-Crib Drawers:

Most cribs have a lot of space underneath, so putting an out-of-sight drawer there seems like a no-brainer. There's just on problem: crib drawers have an open design, meaning there's no cover or lid, leaving the blankets, clothes or whatever you store in there to become a haven for dust bunnies. There's no way to block out dirt and dust, so you have to be very selective about the things you decide to stow in there.

As if dust isn't bad enough many crib drawers are made out of cheap, flimsy fiberboard, not the sturdy solid wood we might hope for. If the drawer is poorly designed without support, the bottom can fall out. Fiberboard might trim costs, but it's not likely to function nearly as well as solid wood.

And let's not forget the fact that crib drawers are practically inviting toddlers to pull them out and try to climb on them, so they may pose a very real safety hazard as well.


Other Crib Storage Solutions:

The under-the-crib drawer does make sense, but there are still plenty of inventive crib storage options. These practical suggestions will help you avoid storage issues in baby's nursery and they're all more reliable than a flimsy crib drawer.

  1. There's a ton of space underneath a crib, so use it. Rather than shelling out an additional $100 for a crib drawer, buy a long, shallow, clear storage bin with a lid. Use it to store things like extra blankets or off-season clothing without having to worry about dirt and dust. You could even add a dust ruffle to the crib to make this sneaky storage even more out of sight.
  1. Opt for crib or drawer storage alternatives. Crib and changer units might take up a little more space or be made out of cheap materials, but they can be a good option. It all depends on the style you choose. Critique the quality to make the best decision.
  2. Hang a hanging organizer on the end of the crib. It's a convenient way to keep diapers, linens, books, toys, toiletries and other necessities on hand.
  3. Put a bookcase at the foot of the crib. A slim bookcase can store a lot of stuff while taking up a minimal amount of space. Fill it with toiletries, baskets of blankets and linens, books, toiletries or clothing. Fiberboard can be sturdy in bookcase-form, so you definitely don't have to spend a lot of money on a fancy bookcase.

In the end, while crib drawers might seem like a splurge that's worth the money, we save skip those built-in drawers and explore other less expensive solutions that work with your family first. 

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