Are Overly Large Breasts Bringing You Down?

Breast Reduction May Be the Answer for You

Soleil Moon Frye. Getty Images

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. While many women throughout the world pine for larger breasts, there are just as many women who wish theirs were smaller. Either way, whether they're too large or too small, all of these women wish for a proportionate body contour they are comfortable with.

Women who have breasts that are too large for their frames can feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Often they feel that their breasts are a distraction and a nuisance, and that they are limited physically due to their breasts.  These women can also experience physical side effects, like back, neck and/or shoulder pain, breathing problems, and poor posture. The weight of overly large breasts can also alter the appearance of the breasts.

I'm sure you'll recall the story of one famous woman who suffered psychologically and physiologically due to the size of her large breasts - Soleil Moon Frye, who most would recognize as “Punky Brewster”. According to an article in People Magazine, Soleil suffered from a rare hormonal condition called gigantomastia, which means “giant breasts.” Her size 38-DD bust line on her 5’1” frame at the age of 15 led her to be teased and taunted, hurting her self-esteem, self-image and social life. Her large, heavy breasts made it difficult for her to simply hug another person.

 Like many other women who are uncomfortable with the size of their overly large breasts, right before her sixteenth birthday, Soleil turned to a plastic surgeon for help. 

A breast reduction surgery is also known as a mammaplasty. During the surgical procedure, excess breast fat and glandular tissue is removed, and skin is tightened to achieve a smaller breast size that is more proportionate with a woman’s body.

The results are regained confidence and self-image. According to the People article, the surgery was life-changing and freeing for Soleil.

In short, the breast reduction procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes about two to four hours, depending on the techniques used and each person's individual case. There are several different types of incisions that may be used for this procedure: Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery (anchor-shaped incision), Vertical Incision Breast Reduction ("short scar"), and a Scarless Breast Reduction (uses liposuction techniques). Results are noticeable immediately, and improve with time as swelling goes down. 

If you are uncomfortable with the size of your breasts, make an appointment with a reputable plastic surgeon to discuss the pros and cons of a mammaplasty, and to decide if breast reduction surgery is right for you. Go into your appointment knowing that ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery are women who have oversized breasts that cause medical problems, low self-esteem, physical or social discomfort, or frustrations with the size of their breasts.

An ideal candidate is also in good physical health, doesn’t smoke, and has realistic expectations of the surgical procedure.

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