Are Races Cancelled Because of Rain?

Running in the rain
John Kelly

"I'm running a marathon this weekend and there's rain in the forecast. Are marathons or other races cancelled due to rain?"

Most races -- especially big races such as marathons -- are not cancelled because of rain, unless the rain comes with potentially dangerous conditions such as flooding, high winds, or lightning. If it's just raining, even if it's a downpour, the race will go on.

If a race is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, race organizers usually try to get the word out to race participants by email or posting an update on the race website.

In some cases of extreme weather, the race time may be changed to accommodate the weather. For example, if the forecast is for extremely hot and humid conditions, race organizers may move the start time to an hour earlier. Make sure you read any race update emails and check the race website in the days leading up to your race.

When you're training for a race, it's always good to do some of your training runs in the rain so you're prepared for rain on race day. That way, if it rains on race day, you'll feel prepared and less anxious. Follow tips for racing in the rain.

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