Are You Having Fun In Your Life?

Are you having enough fun in your life? Chance are, you probably aren’t reaching your required fun quota, and may be fun-deficient. And perhaps a fun-infusion is in order.

I say this somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but having fun in your life is actually serious business. Many people are overwhelmed in their lives with heavy economic responsibilities, family obligations, challenges at work, and busy, busy schedules.  Many are finding themselves working harder than before to keep their jobs, may be suffering from stress in their relationships as a result, and don’t make fun a priority.

This is understandable, but it’s important to prioritize having fun, too. Here’s why:


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 Fun activities provide a source of eustress, the ‘good’ kind of stress that keeps you feeling vital and alive. It’s the sense of excitement you get from completing a project, riding a roller coaster, or meeting an exciting challenge in your life. We need regular eustress in our lives, and fun activities can provide that.
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Positive Attitude

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 Having regular fun in your life can help you feel less overwhelmed by the challenges you face in your daily life. This can help you change your attitude toward your lifestyle stressors so that you’re less reactive to stress when you experience it. Maintaining a positive attitude doesn't always make stress disappear, but it can help you to be more resilient toward it, which is almost just as good.
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The "Best Medicine"

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 Laughter carries many health benefits with it, so the more laughter you have in your life, the better it is for your health. This is why finding ways to make yourself laugh throughout the day is a very good thing.  And shrugging off stress by being able to use your challenges as material to make you laugh is even better.
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 It might be hard to hit the gym multiple times a week or forgo unhealthy ‘comfort foods’ when you’re stressed, but fitting more fun and laughter into your life is something you can do for yourself that’s also easy!  Having fun in life may not bring all of the health benefits that come from exercise, but there are still many benefits to be gained, and this is a habit that, for many, is easier to maintain.  (You can always do both!)
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Strong Reliationships

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 Couples who engage in new activities together and have regular fun together may enjoy a closer bond than they otherwise would if they fell into a rut. And a healthy relationship can be a great source of stress relief in your life.  Being able to laugh together and play together can often provide you with the strength in your relationship to handle the stresses of life together.  (Communication and other relationship skills definitely help, but people often overlook the importance of having fun together on a regular basis.)

Social Support

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 Likewise with friends, sharing fun activities with friends is a great way to maintain a supportive circle of buddies, keeping your bonds strong and helping everyone in the group keep stress levels low. Having strong friendships in your life, and a sense of community, has been linked with longevity, lower stress levels, and more positive states of health.
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Burnout Buffering

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 Having regular fun activities to spice up your life can also help you stave off burnout. Feelings of burnout can result from having a stressful job with unpredictable, hard-to-meet expectations and little recognition. One of the methods I’ve always endorsed for finding relief from this type of job stress is to give yourself small rewards, or start a group of supportive friends to high-five each other when they accomplish goals that would otherwise go unrecognized. Giving yourself a regular dose of fun is a way to do that, and share it with friends.
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How To Get More Fun Into Your Life

So, after looking at some of the "why"s of having fun, let's look at the "how"s. How can we all get more fun into our lifestyles? It's simpler than you may think, if you make fun a priority. Here are some ideas.

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