Are Your Ready for a Career as a Pilates Teacher?

My studio Real Pilates runs a comprehensive teacher training program where we literally convert Pilates enthusiasts into Pilates professionals inside the space of a year. Truth be told there are far more inquires than actual applicants perhaps based upon our interview process where we thoroughly weed out the folks who just haven't figured out if this is really the right choice at the right time.

There are a handful of questions I have found that will elicit the information a would-be teacher needs in order to make this momentous career decision.

If you are considering pursuing a career as a Pilates instructor, read on and see if this helps shed a little light on what's motivating you in this direction.

Teaching is not glamorous. If you are in it for the promise of fame and fans, walk away. A precious few ever achieve such status in this industry. If however, the thought of early hours, handling sweaty bodies and planning hours of programs and classes that progress your students all sounds like a dream job - by all means read on.  Here are the five things I want to know about you when you are applying to become a Pilates apprentice. If you can identify with these hallmarks of a fitness pro in the making, then you may have a brand new career waiting for you.

1. Are you obsessed with your trainer?

It all starts here. Training is personal. When you achieve goals, reach milestones or make a change in your body, the euphoria and gratitude is always attributable to your teacher.

 Our teachers inspire us and it is this inspiration that propels us, making us want to inspire others to feel the same.

2. Have your friends and family remarked that you are always talking about Pilates? 

When your time at the studio or in your workouts is a consistent high point in your day, it's time to look a bit closer.

When you find yourself reflexively sharing your exchanges at the gym, a new exercise you learned or dragging your friends and family to fitness events, you've been bitten. When Pilates is always on your mind, it's definitely time to move along in the journey. 

3. Are you the designated Coach in your circle of contacts?

If you are the one people rely on to rally the troops, you may have just what it takes to get paid as a Pilates professional. Motivating others come naturally to you? Parlay that asset into something you already love. If you find yourself keeping busy with your Side Kicks while others are relaxing you may the be the next big trainer on the Pilates circuit. 

4. Do you browse Pilates resources for fun?

If you know who the biggest names in the industry are or the history of Joseph Pilates and his original system you are most assuredly ready to be an ambassador for Pilates. Pilates professionals are self-proclaimed nerds. We soak up all there is to know about Joe and the original teachers of the method.

We research all the experts out there to see what’s coming down the pike. We read all the books and sample all the crazy equipment. If you find you can’t get enough of the lore and legend and the current landscape of Pilates, you are ready to join the pack.

Whatever sentiment is leading you down the path towards becoming a teacher make sure you aren’t motivated by actually doing more Pilates. While teachers in training nearly overdose on Pilates workouts, by the time you join the working class of trainers, finding time for your personal workouts takes a back seat to training others. The whole point of teaching is the desire to help train and inspire others. The rest is just gravy.

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