Arm Pressure Pose - Bhujapidasana

Arm Pressure Pose - Bhujapidasana
Arm Pressure Pose - Bhujapidasana. Ann Pizer

Type of Pose: Arm balance

Benefits: Strengthens the arms and the core, stretches the hips 


1. Start in garland pose - malasana, a basic squat. 

2. Bend your torso toward the floor, getting your shoulders as low as possible. Below knee level is ideal.

3. Slip your arms behind your thighs and plant your hands just behind your feet. This gets you into a position where your thighs can rest on your upper arms when you lift up.

4. Bend your elbows so that you come into chaturanga arms. 

5. Scoot your feet together and try to criss cross your ankles. If you can get the ankles crossed, flex your feet to lock in this position. 

6. Let your weight drop back toward your butt so that you can lift your feet off the floor while supporting yourself on your hands. 

7. Squeeze your thighs tightly against your upper arms (it's called arm pressure pose for a reason!) and begin to straighten your arms any amount.

8. Try to come back to a squat as you release out. 

Beginners: The pose won't really work unless you can get your shoulders low in your squat to prepare. Work on this if it is challenging for you. Practicing crow pose will also help you get the feeling of where to place your weight for arm balances. 

Advanced: Work on transitioning in and out of the pose from firefly pose - tittibhasana.

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