At-Home HIIT and Functional Training Workout

How to Get Started

HIIT workout
Sheldon McBee

This simple and effective workout can be done at home, incorporating elements of HIIT and functional training. Do this series three times per week for six weeks, then evaluate trying this in a class or group training setting to take your fitness to the next level. The only equipment needed is a pair of LES MILLS SMARTBAR™ plates (2.5kg, 5kg, or 7.5kg depending on your fitness level) or a pair of dumbbells, 25 square feet of space, and a timer. There are five exercises to execute in a timed interval circuit.

Start with the provided 3-minute warm up (below). Once you're warmed up, execute each of the following five exercises for 60 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. After resting, move directly to the next exercise in the sequence for 60 seconds and rest for another 30 seconds. Continue this pattern for all five exercises. 

For anyone new to HIIT, do the entire sequence once before building up to two rounds after week two. For those with experience with HIIT, start with two rounds of this sequence and aim to push the intensity level to a 17 out of 20. Of course, always listen to your body and stop or modify whenever you need. 

3-minute warm-up (20 seconds of each until time is up):

  • Body weight squat
  • Jog in place
  • Push-ups on or off knees

Click through the slideshow above to perform the full-body HIIT functional training circuit.

About the Author: Sheldon McBee

Sheldon McBee is the North American Program Coach for LES MILLS GRIT® Series and a Les Mills International Master Trainer.  Sheldon brings 15 years of fitness experience to Les Mills, coupled with a stellar educational background; a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Delaware and a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from Albright College.

His emphasis on functional and high-intensity training laid the ground for his work as a global instructor. In that role Sheldon teaches workshops and advanced training for LES MILLS® instructors throughout the U.S., Russia, Slovenia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand and Mexico. He leads the LES MILLS GRIT® team, where he applies his invaluable expertise to provide input for certification training and continuing educational content.

Front Squat with Heel Raise

Front squat with heel raise
Sheldon McBee

Hold a weight plate or dumbbell in front of the collar with the elbows pointing down. Keep the feet outside of hip-width. Before starting, lift the chest and brace the abdominals. Sit the hips back and down into the heels just above the knee line and then explode out the bottom of the squat. Push off the toes at the top of the squat. This move should have control on the way down and feel explosive on the way up. 

Advanced Option: Add a plyometric jump landing with knees bent.

Wide Row

wide row
Sheldon McBee

Tip forward from the hip, holding the weight plates or dumbbells by the knees with knuckles forward. Keep the upper back straight by lifting the chest and engaging your abs. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and pull the elbows wide and high, then return to start position. This will engage the muscles of the upper mid back dynamically while the abs, lower back, glutes and hamstrings hold your body static.

Advanced Option: Do it with speed! Two important rules are that you cannot move your legs and torso, and you cannot lose your posture.

Lateral Lunge with Overhead Press

lateral lunge with overhead press
Sheldon McBee

Hold two weight plates or dumbbells at shoulder height with palms facing forward. Start with the feet hip-width apart and take one large diagonal step. Keep the non-stepping leg straight with the heel down and allow the hips to sit back and down into the lunging leg. Press the plates up while maintaining the elbows in front of your face. The hips and torso must face forward! Push hard off the lunging leg back into start position and repeat on the other side.

Advanced Option: Accelerate the move with control but keep the arms extended the entire time.

Chest to Plate Push-Ups with Arm Raise

plate pushup with arm raise. Sheldon McBee

Stack two weight plates or one dumbbell on the floor. Get into pushup position on or off the knees with the hands wider than the shoulders with the center chest aligned over the weights. Keep the knees or feet wider than the hips. Keep the hips slightly under shoulder height and brace the mid-section. Bend the elbows and drop the chest down until you gently tap the weights. As you rise out of the push up extend one arm no higher than shoulder height to the front with the palm facing in. Repeat the pushup and the other arm extension. The key is to keep the hips and shoulders square to the floor throughout the exercise.

Beginner Option: On the knees with no arm raise.

Weighted Skiers

weighted skiers
Sheldon McBee

Begin standing and hold a weight plate or dumbbell close to the chest with the elbows out. Feet start hip-width apart with your chest lifted and abs braced. Start with your knees bent and push off laterally (to the side) on one leg. The goal is to jump laterally on a single leg. As you land on the lead leg, keep a low center of gravity with squared hips and rotate the upper body and arms into the jump, then release the other leg off the ground behind you (see picture). Repeat the lateral jump to the other side.

Beginner Option: No weight or make a lateral step versus a jump.

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