At What Age Is It OK to Leave a Teen Alone Overnight?

Teenage boy listening to music on headphones
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While maturity is more the question than age, I would say that a teen younger than 16 is not old enough to be left home alone overnight. And then I would add that many 16-year-olds are not mature enough to handle being home alone all night. If you are going to leave your teen home alone at night, you should be sure they know who to call in an emergency and set up a calling check-in for the next morning.

You will also want to make sure they aren't planning any types of parties while you are gone.

If this is going to be an ongoing time that you leave your teen home alone, like in the case of you working a third shift job, you'll want to establish a routine to be sure that your teen's responsibilities are completed. You will also want a trusted adult to be available to your teen if they need someone immediately for minor emergencies.

Teens Home Alone FAQ:

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