Atkins Q&A: Constipation on the Atkins Diet

*For updated information about Atkins, see What to Expect on the New Atkins Diet


I've heard you get constipated easily during The Atkins Diet. Will I experience constipation if I follow Atkins?


Yes, a number of people do experience constipation during the beginning of The Atkins Diet. Others don't experience any kind of digestive disruption. It's different from individual to individual.

Induction is a common time for Atkins dieters to experience constipation. Induction is the strictest period of The Atkins Diet. Without your normal intake of fruits, vegetables and grains you could easily experience a short-term period of constipation.

If you've read about induction, you realize it will significantly change your dietary habits and of course, a major change in your diet can lead to a major change in bathroom habits.

So ... will it be a problem? It certainly could be.

The most important thing to remember is to drink plenty of water -- even surpass that old eight glasses a day recommendation if you possibly can.

You may also find taking a fiber supplement, such as Metamucil, to be helpful.

Don't automatically assume that taking a laxative is the best solution. Laxatives can sometimes be too harsh on the system. Some people even have adverse reactions to them, such as vomiting.


Atkins shares some additional ways to alleviate this problem if you do experience it in the rules section of the chapter of his book that is about induction.

You may want to ask your doctor if you do not have a bowel movement after about five days. If you experience serious abdominal discomfort along with this change in bowel habits lasting for several days, please contact your doctor immediately.

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