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I won't go walking solo without an audiobook from, listening on either my cell phone or iPod. While some people can't hit the treadmill without music, I prefer listening to a book. features many bestsellers in every category. They have exclusives you can't download elsewhere. Prices are often far less than the old-school way of buying the CD. If you prefer reading, you can use Whispersync for Voice and effortlessly switch back and forth between reading via Kindle and listening via Audible at the same point in the book.

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What's Great About

  • Sign in and purchase with your identity.
  • Buy individual books or subscribe for multiple downloads per month. There are membership deals for even greater savings.
  • Listen online or via Audible mobile app or Kindle. You can also download audiobooks to listen to on your computer, MP3 player or burn to CD.
  • Over 60,000 books and audio programs available. New titles added daily.
  • Downloads also include magazines, newspapers, educational courses and audio programs.
  • Prices usually much lower than buying CD audiobooks.
  • You can listen to the same book again and again, and they are stored in the cloud for download later, even as devices change over the years.

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If you like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts while walking, exercising, driving, etc. then is for you. Choose from over 60,000 titles and download them immediately to your smartphone, tablet or computer, or simply listen online from their web site.

Your library is always available in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about losing the files. You can always download or listen to them again, even if you have let your membership expire. is now part of, making purchasing the audiobooks even easier, right from the Amazon book selection page.

This also is what enables switching back and forth with Whispersync for Voice between reading on the Kindle or the Kindle app and listening via the Audible app or the Kindle app.

Lower Prices on Audiobooks

You can download individual audiobooks from without a membership. Often the prices are significantly less than what you would pay to buy the CD version or the printed book, and comparable to renting from some other services. You avoid the mailing hassle, plus you will always have the book to listen to again or to burn to CD.

Save with Membership

Join as an Listener and you can download any book for only the monthly membership fee. As a Gold Listener, you get 1 book per month for $14.95, plus access to a variety of free content. As a Platinum Listener, you get two books for $22.95, plus the extras. There is a further discount for paying for a full year at a time. There is a rollover limit for credits, so you need to be sure to use them as you accumulate them or you could lose credits.

Apps and Audible Manager

Audible has apps for iOS, Android, Windows and many other systems, including Audible Cloud for listening via the web just by visiting their web site. It is compatible with iTunes. For some devices you need to use their Audible Manager program.

Bestsellers - Reviews - Staff Picks

I enjoy browsing the web site for audiobooks. Listeners are encouraged to rate and review the audiobooks. They have quick pick lists of staff recommendations, bestsellers and award winning audiobooks.

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