Top Automated Home Blood Pressure Monitors

There is a growing trend of measuring blood pressure trends. This can help people with hypertension (high blood pressure) work with their doctors to better control their blood pressure. These blood pressure monitors make it easy to measure your blood pressure at home.

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Omron Model# HEM-711AC

checking blood pressure close
Wolfgang Amri / Getty Images

This blood pressure monitor uses an arm cuff to measure blood pressure. Includes a memory to keep track of blood pressure trends and an AC adapter or AA batteries.

Omron HEM 609

This model is a portable wrist blood pressure monitor. Reviews suggest it is less accurate than the arm versions of Omron's products. Includes a memory and runs on AA batteries.

Omron Relion HEM-741CREL

Wal-mart's version of an Omron blood pressure monitor. Consumer Reports recommended this unit over more expensive blood pressure monitors.

Omron Hem-780

This blood pressure monitor comes with a cuff to fit arms of all sizes.

Omron (Marshall) HEM-705CP

This blood pressure monitor includes a printer to take your blood pressure measurement to the doctor when he doesn't believe you.

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