What is the Average Weight for an Adult Man?

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The average weight for men is increasing.
The average weight for men is increasing. Juan Monino/Getty Images

Question: What is the Average Weight for an Adult Man?

Answer: According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average weight for an adult male in the United States is:

  • 195.5 pounds

This statistic for the average weight for an adult male is from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) conducted from 2007-2010.

Average Weight Statistics Over Time

How has the average weight of an adult male changed over the years?

Measurements of body mass index, weight, height, and even head circumference have been measured since the 1960s.

Not surprisingly, men in the United States have been getting bigger, both getting taller and weighing more.

In the early 1960s, a report stated that "American men range in average weight from 146 pounds at 62 inches in height to 190 pounds at 73 inches; while for American women this average progresses from 129 pounds at 58 inches to 157 pounds at 67 inches."

Average Weight for Boys

How well is your child growing? Is he above or below average?

The average weight for a boy depends on his age. What is average for a two year old, for example, is not going to be average for a 12 year old.

Use our Kids Growth Chart Percentiles Calculator to see what percentile your child is growing on.

To figure out what the 'average' weight is for children, just check our Growth Charts and see what weight is equal to the 50th percentile.




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