Avia Aspire Step Tracker - Review

As a basic tracker with a basic price, Avia Aspire might be just what you need.

Avia Aspire band, tracker, and app

If you're looking for a fuss-free, no bells-and-whistles fitness tracker, the Avia Aspire is a good choice. It costs only $15, and uses a lithium battery so you don't even need to charge it.

Avia Aspire Step Tracker - Pros and Cons


  • Simple to set up and use
  • Free accompanying app
  • Displays time and number of steps, with backlight
  • Very inexpensive
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Only collects step distance data
  • Must transfer data to app manually
  • Not water-resistant

Avia Aspire Step Tracker - Review

I've tested several fitness trackers (Fitbit Flex, Mira, and Shine, most recently), and each time my kids have pestered me for a chance to try them out too. But I was uneasy about handing off a $100 (or more) piece of equipment to a 10-year-old.

Enter the Avia Aspire. Its $15 price is totally kid-friendly, but the wristwatch-style tracker feels grown up. Of course, for $15 you don't get a lot of features. The Aspire tracks steps, distance, and calories only, and you have to access the accompanying app for distance and calorie data. The wearable and the app also don't sync automatically (there is no Bluetooth connection). Instead, you must enter your daily step total manually. The tracker saves its data for 7 days, though, so no worries if you forget to enter a day's steps right away. You can also set the app to give you a daily reminder to enter steps.

But note that you cannot change the step count in the app after you've entered it. I also liked the lithium battery, which means no need to charge the device or keep track of yet another charging station and cord.

In our testing, we found the step count to be fairly accurate when moving, although there were times when the counter granted steps we didn't take.

Unlike some more sophisticated pedometers, there is no calculation of stride length when you first start using the device. However, the trade-off there is that it's easy to set up and go. Simply pop the tracker into the rubber wristband, set the time and date using the button on the side of the watchband, and you're done.

Avia Aspire App

Similarly, it's easy to get started with the free companion app (for iOS and Android). Enter some basics like your age, weight, and a photo, and then customize your daily step-count goal. You can opt to share your data via message, email, Facebook, and Twitter, but the Aspire doesn't have a true community aspect like some other activity trackers do. (For me, this is another reason the Aspire is a good choice for kids.)

Disclosure: None. This device was not provided by the manufacturer or vendor.