7 Awesome and Cool (and Super Easy!) Crafts for Boys

7 Easy and Awesome Boy Crafts to Make in Minutes

crafts for boys - paper ninjas craft
Boys will love these easy and awesome crafts. Katherine Lee

Kids' crafts are not only a gift from the heavens when your kids are bored or when the weather outside is just too yucky to play outdoors, but they can be a great way for parents to spend some time with kids. And when you've made these crafts, you can read together or use them as toys to play with them. They're not only great crafts for boys, but terrific for girls, too!

Super Cool Paper Ninja Guards for Toy Boxes

crafts for boys - ninja box
Cool, fun-to-make ninja boxes for small toys and trinkets. Katherine Lee

All you need is some paper and an empty tissue box or shoe box to make these awesome ninja toy organization boxes to hold his favorite small toys and trinkets. The paper ninjas are super-easy and fun to make, and can be used to decorate the box to guard his favorite treasures. Or he can make extra ninjas and play with them separately and pretend they're battling the bad guys.

Robot Paper Puppets

crafts for boys - robot paper crafts
Boys will love assembling paper shapes to create these cool robots. Katherine Lee

Boys just love to assemble things (almost as much as they like to take things apart), and this colorful and adorable paper robot craft will let your child do just that. By just cutting out a few simple shapes, gluing them to a craft stick, and adding googly eyes, your child can make a whole team of robot friends in minutes. And when he's done making his robots, he can play with them! It's a perfect craft for boys.

Minecraft Creeper Bookmark

crafts for boys - Minecraft bookmarks
Easy Minecraft booksmarks to make with kids. Katherine Lee

Your child will love making these seriously simple Minecraft creeper bookmarks, and you will love how much they motivate your child to open those books! Learn how to make these with just paper or with washi tape.

Flying Carp

crafts for boys - flying carp
You can make this gorgeous and colorful flying carp boys' crafts in 5 easy steps. Katherine Lee

In Japan, Children's Day, which used to be called Boys' Day, is celebrated on May 5. Families with boys fly carp-shaped streamers to symbolize hope that their boys will grow up healthy and strong. But your child can make this flying carp craft any time of the year with just a little help from you. And when he's done, he can attach it to a stick and pretend he caught these colorful carp in a river!

There are more difficult versions of this beautiful craft made using tissue paper. But that's not as easy for kids since tissue paper tears so easily, and using pretty colored text-weight paper works just as well. Look how gorgeous these colors are!

Framed! Coloring Page Pictures

boys' crafts - coloring page picture frame
An awesome idea for a boys' craft: Putting a favorite picture your child loved coloring in a frame for display. Katherine Lee

You're gonna love this idea: Why buy art for your child's room when he can create his own? Just find a coloring page your child wants to do, pick up an inexpensive frame, and when your son is finished with his picture, display it in his room. (This rocket ship was printed from DLTK's Coloring.ws.)

Seedlings Kits

Boys love to put things together and create things with their hands, and many of the creative and fun kits offered by Seedlings allow kids to do just that. They have an incredible array of kits and activities for kids to choose from, including ones that are sure to be a hit with boys, like a build-your-own dragon kit and a design-your-own light up globe. There's even a bird house kids can paint themselves and even a superhero cape kids (both boys and girls) can design themselves.

Photo Paper Fun - Sunprint Kits

crafts for boys
Beautiful images can be make with SunPrint kits. SunPrint

This fun activity for boys lets them create visually-stunning images using special paper that's sensitive to UV light. Plus, all the proceeds from the Sunprint Kits, which were created by educators at the Lawrence Hall of Science on the UC Berkeley campus, go toward their mission to inspire and foster science and mathematics education. A little art, some science, and even philanthropy--and a pretty fun craft for boys and for girls!

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