Awesome Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms That You Hope You'll Have

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When you start talking about pregnancy symptoms, chances are your mind turns towards all of the negative things that one can name about pregnancy. Certainly there are negative things that you can experience in pregnancy, like morning sickness, constipation, or hemorrhoids. These are not reasons that anyone signs up for when they think about having a baby. It’s almost an afterthought.

I would hope that there would be some symptoms that might make you think more positively about pregnancy.

Symptoms that make some of the not so fun aspects of pregnancy seem a bit less awful. Here are my top seven amazing pregnancy symptoms:

  1. No periods:  This is one that often gets overlooked. I think this is because it’s so central to the theme of pregnancy anyway. It is one of the first things people notice, the lack of your menstrual cycle. Even in the later months of pregnancy, they still ask you when the first day of your last period was and you have to remember, that’s when it really strikes you that you haven’t had to deal with your period in a very long time. That said, some moms, have cycles that aren’t so bothersome, they may be less likely to pay attention than a mom who has previously had very painful cycles. Some moms go a year or more without having their periods, particularly if they breastfeed. Then it’s not common to see your period delayed for as long as you’re breastfeeding.


  1. Great hair: Thick, gorgeous hair is what so many moms love about pregnancy. It is true that you hair will typically look gorgeous. This is because your body is so busy growing a baby, that it doesn’t have time for routine shedding. So the 100 or so hairs a day that you would normally lose stay put for the whole nine months.


  1. Strong nails: Is it pregnancy? The prenatal vitamins? Who cares – many women say that they had much stronger nails in pregnancy than prior to pregnancy. This can be nice for many reasons, including a bit of pampering and getting a manicure every now and again.


  2. Pregnancy glow: Of all the old wives tales, this is the one that does have something behind it. Some women will look absolutely radiant in pregnancy. They will have an actual glow to them. About a third of pregnant women say that any skin issues like acne, clear up in pregnancy.


  3. Increased sex drive: The hormones are a raging, and sometimes that means you are extra happy to be with your partner. The tricky part here is that this is not always reciprocated. Just remember to keep the lines of communication open to deal with both of your feelings.


  4. Multiple orgasms: I am not sure what else to say about this pregnancy symptom as it is pretty self-explanatory. And, wow, it’s a pretty awesome one to have if you have to take one for the team by being pregnant.


  1. Larger breasts: This pregnancy symptom can strike quite early, even in the first weeks. Moms may not be the one whom really notices this or cares, but her partner is often pretty enamored with this endowment of pregnancy. I would recommend a few really nice bras to help with support, comfort, and yes, feeling sexy.

It is important to note, that , just as with the side affects that we don’t look forward to having, there is no guarantee that you would get all of these, or even most. Our bodies are all very different. Some moms will experience these earlier than others while some mothers will not feel better until the end of pregnancy. It really is a guessing game as to who will feel what way and when. Here’s hoping that you get the symptoms that you desire!

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