Baby Blanket Patterns to Make for Preemies

A crocheted baby blanket -
A crocheted baby blanket - "Striped Baby Afghan". Image courtesy of Amy Solovay

Baby blankets are a must for preemies, both in the NICU and at home. For the smallest preemies, we spread blankets, quilts, and afghans over isolettes as a pretty way to individualize beds while providing dark, quiet, and privacy. As preemies grow, we wrap them in blankets to keep them warm - especially during the transition from a heated isolette to an open crib.

Not only do baby blankets make a great gift forĀ premature babies, many NICUs also accept charitable blanket donations.

The parents I've worked with love seeing a splash of color on their baby's bed - some have even been moved to tears by the generosity.

The Hobbies Guides at have collected many free patterns. Whether you love to knit, crochet, quilt, or sew, you should be able to find a free baby blanket pattern below. Happy crafting!

Baby Blanket Patterns to Crochet

The following free crochet patterns will teach you to crochet a variety of baby blankets.

Baby Blanket Patterns to Knit

The following free knitting patterns will teach you to knit a variety of baby blankets.

  • Sampler Baby Blanket: This adorable knit baby blanket is made up of 9 different blocks, to make a finished blanket that is 36" square.
  • Triple Rib Baby Blanket: This blanket measures 23" x 30", a smaller size that makes it perfect for preemies.
  • Harris Tweed Rib Baby Blanket: This cute baby blanket has a masculine feel, perfect for the preemie boys in your life.

    Baby Quilt Patterns

    The following free quilting patterns will teach you to make a variety of baby quilts.

    • Pretty in Pastels: Made from Clay's Choice quilt blocks, the finished quilt measures 30" x 42".
    • Baby Quilt Patterns for Beginners: Three separate baby quilt patterns that are easy enough for beginning quilters. The smallest of the 3 measures 37" by 45" - a little big for a new preemie, but a great going-home gift.
    • More baby quilt patterns: Janet Wickell,'s Guide to Quilting, has put together a truly impressive list of baby quilt patterns.

    Baby Blanket Patterns to Sew

    The following free sewing patterns will teach you to sew a variety of baby blankets.

    • Baby Receiving Blanket: Flannel receiving blankets are a must for preemies. We use them as crib sheets, to wrap babies, and as an extra layer of warmth.
    • Small Fleece Blanket: Designed as a doll blanket, this tiny fleece blanket is a perfect coverlet for a preemie who's just moved into an open crib.

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