6 Best Breast Pump and Baby Bottle Sterilizers

The Top Bottle and Breast Pump Cleaners on the Market

New parents are always wondering what the best way to clean baby bottles, breast pumps and pacifiers is. After all, being able to clean and sterilize breast pump parts and baby bottles is very important for the health of your little one. Think of all those parts, including nipples, rings, collars, horns, bottles and even pacifiers. They all get dirty and need to be sanitized.

The Best Bottle Sterilizers

With all the diaper changes and constant feedings, finding the time to boil all those components in water just isn't going to happen. Instead, here are some handy tools and products. These will allow you to clean all those little feeding components in no time at all.

Also, the items on the following list make great baby shower gifts for the mom intending to use a breast pump or bottle feed.

Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer

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This product is very handy. It can do an entire set of breast pump parts or up to four bottles at one time — in about four minutes in the microwave. The steam sterilizer is very easy to use and can be quite portable. It's reasonable enough in price that you can probably keep an extra one at your in-laws or at the office if need be.

Dr. Brown's Microwave Sterilizer Gift Set

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This is another microwave sterilizer used to kill germs on baby bottles, but this one has a specially molded tray to fit Dr. Brown bottles — standard or wide neck. It will fit four Standard or four Wide-Neck Dr. Brown's bottles. It comes with tongs and a tray for accessory components that can be cleaned all at the same time. Some sets may be bigger or also include baby bottles.

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

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The Medela Micro-Steam Bags use water and require a microwave to kill over 99% of the germs for your bottles and breast pump parts. There are five bags in a set and each bag will hold a few parts or bottles at a time. It works to sterilize your bottles in just two minutes. Bags are reusable up to 20 times. 

Munchkin Sterilizer Bags for the Microwave

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With a microwave, some water and a Munchkin Sterilizer bag you can quickly and easily sterilize breast pump parts, pacifiers, baby bottles and other baby necessities. There are six bags in each package and each bag can be reused up to 20 times. These are great for use at work, they travel well, and are very easy to use.

Avent Express Electronic Sterilizer

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This sterilizer does not use a microwave, but instead uses water and electricity to sterilize with steam. Simply add water to the base, load the rack and plug it in. The benefit to this sterilizer is that it holds more than it's smaller counterparts, operates at a higher temperature than a dishwasher and shuts itself off after it has finished its six minute cycle.

Medela Quick Clean Bottle Wipes

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These quick clean wipes are handy for when you don't have a microwave or electricity. They are perfect for work or travel when you're using a breast pump or needing to clean baby bottles and pacifiers.

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