Chime Maternity Necklace

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The Bottom Line

This Chime necklace is a very nice maternity necklace. It would make a great gift for a new mother-to-be or as a baby shower gift. It is reasonably priced and makes a very nice alternative to typical "mother's" jewelry.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Nice Sentiment
  • Potential Interactive Benefits with Baby


  • Only Available in Silver


  • Designed in multiple varieties.
  • Very reasonably priced, making it very affordable.
  • Great baby shower gift idea.
  • Sterling silver necklace and pendant.
  • 34 inch chain hangs at the level of your expanding abdomen during pregnancy.
  • Plays soft chime for you and baby.

Guide Review - Chime Maternity Necklace

The Baby Chime Maternity Necklace is made to play a chime as you move. The Baby Chime is on a 34 inch silver necklace so that it hangs at the level of your expanding abdomen. From about 14 weeks on your baby will be able to hear and thus will enjoy the calming sound of the chime. The chime is activated by your movement.

I loved hearing the chime, it was a nice quiet sound. It didn't disturb others. Originally I had imagined that it would be like walking around with a belly dancing sash/skirt on - jingling all the way. My co-workers didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked them if they heard it. I suppose that's a great sign that it wasn't loud enough to bother anyone.

There are several different Baby Chime designs, including a plain silver ball, a sun and moon, a heart, and more. Some of the designs are two tone. The sterling silver necklace is hand crafted. There are also others out there that are not specifically designed with pregnancy in mind.

The sentiment behind the prenatal bonding is beautiful.

The chime itself is pleasant and I can imagine that you may wish to wear this necklace long after pregnancy is over. I've been wearing it as a nursing necklace. My twins (10 months old) love to fiddle with the necklace as they nurse, which keeps their hands busy and allows them to nurse more effectively. (Nursing necklaces are a whole other category, but this one worked for me.)Though I would not recommend leaving them alone with the necklace because it is potentially dangerous, as is nearly any jewelry for small infants and children.

This would also make a lovely thing to start a tradition around and pass it down to all the people who are pregnant in your family. Can't you see the discussion of, "Your grandma wore this when she was pregnant with me, and I get to wear it while pregnant with you and your sibling, and some day, you or your partner will wear this for my grandchildren." I'll admit I'm a sucker for those types of things. I think perhaps this is the modern version of the silver baby rattle that gets passed down from generation to generation. It's more attractive, and practical than a baby rattle.

I have given this as a baby shower gifts a few times now. It has been very well received, and focuses more on the mother, which I like to do.

One mom even said she used it in labor to aid with relaxation. This might be something you also give as a new mother gift.

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