Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Review

Change the way you take car trips with this simple toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes. Image courtesy

I really like this little music player. It's inexpensive and programmed with classical songs that are still pleasant even encore after encore for toddlers and parents. Like the name implies, Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is portable and easy to "take along" on car trips, walks or anywhere else you want your toddler to have an easy and entertaining toy that can be operated independently.


  • Even on the loudest setting, it's not too loud and it can be turned off
  • Sound quality is good
  • Songs are classical rather than typical kid songs
  • Inexpensive
  • Batteries don't have to be changed often


  • Lights can be annoying, especially when driving at night
  • Songs don't play for very long
  • Button may be hard to push for some children
  • Made in China


  • Plastic toy resembling an MP3 player
  • Has a screen with flashing lights and a button that activates the music
  • Has a handle for carrying, holding and strapping to things like a high chair or stroller
  • Takes 2 AA batteries
  • Plays seven different classical songs


You have an iPod; now your toddler can have theirs. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is something that your toddler can tote around on their own and is perfect for trips in the car or to the diaper changing table.

I'm surprised by how nice the music sounds compared to other musical toys and am pleased that it plays classical tunes instead of the tinny, annoying kid songs so many other toys are loaded with.

It's not too loud, even on the loudest setting. There is a quieter setting and an off setting in case it starts to wear on your nerves. It's also outfitted with flashing lights, which will likely get on your nerves before the music will, especially if you're driving at night.

Baby Einstein boasts that this toy will improve hand-eye coordination and introduce an appreciation for music, but more than anything I think this toy is all about teaching cause and effect.

Your toddler pushes the button and hears gets music and sees flashing lights. When the music stops they do it all over again.

Initially, I didn't like that the music stopped so soon, but after seeing children play with this toy again and again, I realize that the short time span helps fuel this cause and effect learning. It seems to stop just at the moment most toddlers lose interest and the sudden silence makes pushing that button nearly impossible to resist.

Another thing I like about this toy is its price. It's just the right price for gifting to your toddler's daycare or playgroup birthday parties, or if you've got lots of little ones in the family. Although it's made in China, it's durable, sounds great and doesn't seem "cheated out" at all.

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