How to Make Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

Gather Your Supplies for Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

Gather Your Supplies - Baby Shower Decorations
Gather Your Supplies. Photo © Robin Elise Weiss

This adorable baby head is made easily and inexpensively. You will need a bit of time to make these using a decoupage technique. While they can be made quickly, the drying time is what takes awhile. If you do it in stages, it goes really quickly. The first step is to gather your supplies.

You will need:

First Step

  • flour
  • water
  • balloons (water balloons work best)
  • bowl
  • small cup
  • newsprint
  • scissors

Second Step

  • mod podge
  • sponge brush
  • tissue paper in multiple colors

Make the Flour and Water and Prepare to Decoupage

Mix Flour and Water - Baby Shower Decorations
Mix Flour and Water. Photo © Robin Elise Weiss

You will want to combine all purpose flour and water in a bowl. Mix with a spoon until well blended. You can do this easily by hand. There isn't a measurement here, just until it's a liquid glue consistency.

You will also want to cut your newsprint into small squares, about one by one inch. They do not need to be pretty or straight.

Prepare the Balloons for the Decoupage

Blow Up Balloons - Baby Shower Decorations
Blow Up Balloons. Photo © Robin Elise Weiss

You will want to have smaller balloons. Water balloons tend to work best. Blow them up with air, do not use water. Blow up as many as you want to make. I'd suggest blowing up and even making a few extra, should you have complications along the way.

Decoupage the Balloons

Paper the Balloon - Baby Shower Decorations
Paper the Balloon. Photo © Robin Elise Weiss

Using the small strips of newsprint, dip it in the flour/water mixture with your fingers. Smooth it over the balloon. You will have rough spots, but just keep going around and around. You will notice the balloon begins to get heavier and sticky. You can use the small cup to help support the balloon or for brief rests or drying periods. Using plain newsprint will make covering it easier, but you can use newspaper as well.

You will want to do all of the balloons in one sitting. Do not go to the next step until all the balloons have been done.

Modge Podge the Balloons

Baby Shower Balloon Decorations and Treats - Modge Podge the Balloon
Modge Podge the Balloon. Photo © Robin Elise Weiss

Take your tissue paper and cut it into small squares. Again, about an inch by inch will be good. You will want to have a skin color as your base. You will also want to have detail or accent colors for the mouth or eyes, etc. These pieces can be cut into the shapes that you are looking for the accents to be. In the example, we have white eyes, with blue dots, a red mouth and pink as the base. The lighter the base, the more coats of tissue paper will be required to cover the area, particularly if you used newspaper.

Once the newsprint is dry, you can begin to use the Mod Podge. Taking the sponge brush, paint a small section of the balloon with the Mod Podge. Cover that area with a small square of tissue paper in your base color. Place a bit more Modge Podge over that area. Repeat this until the entire balloon is covered with the base color of your baby head.

Cover the Whole Balloon

Baby Shower Balloon Decorations and Treats - Modge Podge the Balloon
Modge Podge the Balloon. Photo © Robin Elise Weiss

You will want to do multiple layers. The squares of tissue paper should overlap at least a bit on the edges. Once you have made it around once, go around again. When done covering you can let the balloon dry again. When you come back if you don't have the color you want, you can add more color layers or if you have an area you see that you missed you can go over that spot.

While Mod Podge goes on white, it dries a glossy, clear color.

Add Details to the Baby Face

Add Details - Baby Shower Decorations
Add details, like a face or hair. Photo © Robin Elise Weiss

Once the base is nearly dry or dry, you can begin to add the details. These pieces of tissue paper go on in the same manner as the base. Though They will be faster and easier because they go on to very small spaces. Take your time here and layer them carefully. While it doesn't have to be exact, you will want them on top of one another for the best effect.

Finish Your Baby Head

Baby Shower Balloon Decorations and Treats
Photo © Robin Elise Weiss

Once this layer is dry, you will poke the balloon. You can try to pop it and pull it through, but it's often easier to simply push it into the head.

You can top off the top of the baby's head with "hair." This hair will plug the tiny hole on the top. You can use pipe cleaners and make a curl. You can use crinkled paper for hair or even a small baby hat.

You can fill these with small candies or treats and use them as gifts for the guests or you can simply set them around the food table or entrance as a cute way to decorate your baby shower. If you gently press the bottom as it is finished drying you can flatten the balloon slightly to make it stand on its own.

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