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Labor Facebook Meme
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Baby shower games are meant to be fun. The problem is that baby showers have really morphed. What used to be a simple luncheon with a few friends, and friends of your mother or mother-in-law, has turned into something quite different.

Many families will wind up having multiple baby showers. You have one for your side of the family. A baby shower for his side of the family. And maybe one for work as well.

Trust me there are many iterations of who throws what type of shower and when for an expecting mother.

This means that baby shower games have to change to meet these needs. While a group of older women might enjoy playing more traditional baby shower games like eating baby food, guessing which candy bar is in the diaper, or even trying to sort the diaper pins from the rice game, younger generations may prefer something a bit more fun.

This game is a take off the generic Facebook meme where you use the friends listed to the right of your Facebook page ans simply go straight down the list and tag people for each job. I've seen a variety of themes like: Your zombie survival team, your horror movie, what happens if you go to jail, etc. This is a more positive spin and has a labor theme. You can also customize some of the options with other "jobs" below the main text.

  • You can use these to tag people as a fun shower game:
  • The person who times your contractions:
  • The person who boils water:
  • The person who grabs towels in case your water breaks:
  • The person who drives you to the place of birth:
  • The person who is your doula:
  • The person who brings the birth ball:
  • The birth photographer:
  • The person who catches the baby:
  • The person who you name your baby after:
  • The person who buries the placenta:

Other options might include:

  • The person who tells her how to breathe:
  • The person who rubs her feet:
  • The person she yells at:
  • The person who runs for the anesthesiologist:
  • The person who plays with the exam gloves in the labor room:
  • The person who hangs back in the waiting room:
  • The person who makes the most friends in the waiting room:

You can also play this off line. Simply print out the options you want for the game. Give everyone a sheet of the jobs. Have them all fill it out using the guests in the room. The one who has the closest correct to the mother wins a small prize.

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