Baby Shower Games

Fun Games for Every Baby Shower

Three pregnant women at baby shower.
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Baby shower games are the heart and soul of every baby shower. Pick the right baby shower games, and you're destined for baby shower glory; but if you pick the wrong baby shower game, everyone will be talking about it for a very long time.

Baby shower games do actually have a purpose. They are designed to make people laugh and interact. They are meant to bring people together to have then laugh and share what it's like to be a mother and to welcome a new baby into your life.

So when you are planning your baby shower, keep that in mind.

How to Pick the Right Baby Shower Games

When you are deciding which baby shower games you will play at the baby shower you are planning, whether you're the mother-to-be or the hostess, there are some things to keep in mind.

Who is Attending?

If you have a bunch of younger, lively guests, your baby shower game choices are likely to be different than if your party is filled with the over 50 crowd. Do you have all females? Will men be invited? That may also change the dynamic of your baby shower games - maybe not, but it might. 

Family Traditions

Some families have baby shower traditions. You might be close to obligated to do certain things at your baby shower, no matter what your preference is for games. Even if you have some family favorites, make sure you get a say in what goes on. The same goes if someone is stepping out of tradition and you really can't wait to do something that all the women in your family have done before.

The thing is to keep it in mind and honor in a way that feels genuine to you.

Time of Day

The time of day will set the mood of the shower. This is true of the types of food served and even what people wear to a baby shower. If you are thinking you'd like to have really active, outdoor type of games, you probably want to hold your baby shower at a time of day when the sun is up and shining, rather than when you're worried about reading instructions by the street light.

Game Logistics

You will also want to keep in mind the game logistics. How long will it take to play this game? What items will I need to run the game? (pens, paper, paper plates, plastic dolls, etc.) This may also help you determine what games work best for your shower.

Here is a collection of games sure to please even the pickiest guests.

When considering which baby shower games to pick, you'll want to keep several things in mind. The biggest thing to think about is the mother-to-be and her opinion. If she's a no-nonsense kind of lady, don't find the silliest game you can, stick to something a bit classier. One the other hand, having a co-ed baby shower with lots of goofy people? Well, I think you can find some great games for that as well.

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