Game Ideas for Baby Shower Parties

Break the Ice With Fun Games

Three pregnant women at baby shower.
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Baby shower games are the heart and soul of every baby shower. The right baby shower game can break the ice and get the party rolling. But if you pick the wrong game, you may only see some eye-rolls.

Why Play Baby Shower Games?

Baby shower games have a purpose. They are designed to make people laugh and interact. Often, the guests come from different parts of the mother-to-be's life and they may not feel comfortable around each other.

Even if the guests are all relatives, there may be some underlying friction that needs the grease of laughter so they can be generous in sharing their well-wishes and wisdom with the expectant mom.

Many of the games are good springboards for sharing experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, and stories can come out that will be useful or treasured. The expectant mom and guests may learn valuable medical history and information that might not have otherwise been shared. Shy guests are drawn into the game and have a chance to shine without reservation.

How to Pick the Right Baby Shower Games

When considering which baby shower games to pick, the biggest thing to think about is the mother-to-be and her opinion. If she's a no-nonsense kind of lady, you might stick to something classy. But if she loves goofy humor, you can probably find a game to match. Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Who Is Attending? If you have a bunch of younger, lively guests, your baby shower game choices are likely to be different than if your party is filled with the over-50 crowd. Do you have all females? Will men be invited? Are the guests likely to bring their infants, children, or teens? That may also change the dynamic of your baby shower games. 
  • Family Traditions: You might be obligated to include a traditional family game, no matter what you would prefer to play. Even if there is a family favorite, you may want to do something a little different to make it your own. Keep the tradition in mind and honor in a way that feels genuine to you.
  • Time of Day: The time of day will set the mood of the shower. This is true of the types of food served and even what people wear to a baby shower. If you are thinking you'd like to have really active, outdoor type of games, you probably want to hold your baby shower at a time of day when the sun is up and shining, rather than when you're worried about reading instructions by the street light.
  • Game Logistics: How long will it take to play this game? What items will you need to run the game, such as pens, paper, paper plates, plastic dolls, etc.)? This may also help you determine what games work best for your shower.
  • Location: You will need to make sure you have enough space for the game of your choice. Also, sometimes the shower is held in a semi-public place such as a section of a restaurant, and you'll need to consider which games are most appropriate for that setting.

Baby Party Games to Choose From

Browse these collections of games to find the best ones for your shower:

A Word From Verywell

With the right game, you can get the party rolling and ensure the mom-to-be feels supported. A little friendly competition and prizes can make everyone feel more at ease.