Interactive Baby Shower Games and Activities

Baby Shower Toilet Paper Game

Toilet paper
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Here is a fun icebreaker for any shower you want to have. You just change the rules accordingly. Get a roll of toilet paper and tell every guest to take as much as they think they will need. If they ask what they need it for tell them "they will find out." After the toilet paper goes around the room and everyone has some the rules say that for every sheet they have, they have to tell something about themselves, such as "I'm married", I have three kids" etc. In the case of a baby shower, they can give advice, or tell things about their children when they were babies. It's a lot of fun and I do it often at showers.

Encouraging Diapers

Baby clothes, diaper pyramid and assorted baby shower gifts, close-up
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At a recent shower, we were all given a disposable diaper and a Sharpie marker. We were all to write some sort of encouragement, teasing or advice for the "early morning diaper" changes. (ex: It's 3am & I am sleeping... I'm having fun are you?) It was lots of fun for the Mother & Father to be to read these tidbits from friends and family.

Educational Baby Trivia

Mother Reclines with Newborn
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Give a pop quiz in "class." Ask questions that could be safety items, health items, birth or baby related. Examples:

And then have explanation why helps to educate the family and also open up discussions.

Baby Candy Diapers

Baby Shower Diaper Game Candy Platter
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You will need 10 napkins or paper towels to fold in the shape of a diaper. Use safety pins to hold together. Purchase 10 different mini sized candy bars or larger candy bars if you wish. You will mark each diaper with a number and on a piece of paper write down 1-10. You will crush each candy bar and put some of each into the diapers and write each one down as you go. When time to play the game, you may show all 10 diapers to the guests. They must figure out what candy bar "poop" is in each diaper. The one who guesses the most is the winner. Have fun! Here is a slightly different version with photos.

Diaper Toss

Diapers in a basket
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Wet a bunch of diapers and fold them up. Set up a diaper pail and a line within tossing distance. Everyone shoots for most diapers in the bin out of ten tossed and records their score. We had a tie and had a diaper "toss off" at the end of the night!

What do you remember?

A tray of baby related items, including diapers.
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At a shower I attended, they had the guest of honor walk around the room with a tray filled with 10-15 baby items (e.g. a pacifier, a rattle, a jar of baby food, etc). After she went around the room twice, letting everyone examine the tray, she was asked to leave the room. While she was gone, the hostess asked everyone to please write down what the guest of honor was wearing. (e.g. Color of pants/skirt, blouse, shoes, socks, earrings, etc). This was a very cute game, especially after everyone had concentrated so hard on what was on the tray. After 2-3 minutes the guest of honor was asked to come back into the room and whoever described her the best was given a prize...which actually went to the guest of honor.

Jelly Bean Jars

pink jelly beans
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We had a great time with this game which worked as a party favor as well. I filled baby food jars with pink or blue Jelly-Bellies (8 jars pink, 8 jars blue). Then I numbered 1-16 on the inside of the lid with a permanent pen. I decorated the lids with pink or blue gingham and a ribbon attached with hot glue and put them on the jars.

As the guests arrived they chose either a blue or pink jar according to what sex they thought the baby was going to be. The mother-to-be picked a number between 1 and 16. Then everyone took off the lid to their jar, and the jar which had the number she chose told whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. We even had the person with the winning number give their favorite name as a possibility for the baby. In our case, the mother-in-law 'won'. She had picked a blue jar (boy), and named him Bobby...both of which came true 2 weeks later! The guests get to take their jars of Jelly beans home as a party favor. Yum!

Playdoh Baby

play dough or clay
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This is such a great game you take Playdoh and toothpicks and hand a chunk of it to each guest about the size of a golf ball (a little larger) and 1 toothpick and give them 10-15 minutes to mold a baby using the toothpick to form eyes, leg creases (anatomy if so desire) be nice though! After the set time limit the guest of honor picks the best model for the winner encourage real creativity this is so cute and to top it all off the Playdoh hardens and mom can have souvenirs.

Musical Chairs?

chairs in a row for musical chairs
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This is a really fun variation to musical chairs - Wrap a very small box, then place in a larger box and wrap. Continue to wrap a box within a box, until you are satisfied. Have guests sit around in a circle. while music is playing, pass the boxes around. When the music stops, the person who is holding it unwraps the first layer of the box. Continue the game until the last box is unwrapped. The box may be filled with cut baby cut outs or confetti, and a small piece of paper with the word "Winner!" This person then wins a prize.

Family (TV) Tree

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Give your guests a list of television families and have guests list the children from the families. Some families to try: Eight Is Enough, Brady Bunch, Full House, Leave It To Beaver, Little House on the Prairie, Malcolm in the Middle, Partridge Family, Growing Pains, Bewitched, Cosby Show, The Simpsons, The Waltons, Family Ties, Family Affair. You could also do something on TV moms.

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