Baby Shower Punches

Baby shower punch
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One of the most important reasons to have a baby shower is baby shower punch! Baby shower punches are typically slightly sweet and served in a large bowl. They are a big deal and people tend to have very specific ideas of what constitutes a punch and may not be very flexible about what will be used in the recipe. That may also be regional - for example, if you live in an area that has a very specific drink that is used.

Ale 8 might be a great example of a regional ginger ale.

The Basics of Baby Shower Punches

When making a punch you have your basic drink - this is typically something with a very light taste, and potentially bubbly. Good examples would be ginger ales, clear sodas (think 7Up® and Sprite®). The other base option would be a juice, orange juice is a pretty popular favorite for baby shower punch, because it's sweet and readily available, but even these tend to be added to the clear drinks.

From your base you move on to the main flavor. This can come from juice (apple, orange, cranberry, etc.) or fruit juice substitutes (like Hawaiian Punch® or Sunny D®), fruit (oranges, apples, pineapple, etc.), or it can come from something else like ice cream or sherbet. 

Then you have your garnish - this is to make whatever drink you make look good. It should also be edible. This might be fresh fruit floating in your punch bowl or even a shaped, frozen hunk of orange juice.

Using frozen juice as a way to keep your punch cold and attractive is a really nice way to prevent your punch from getting watered down, but also keeping it attractive. It usually works better to have your ice pieces a bit on the larger side to prevent people from putting them in the individual glasses

The base, flavor, garnish formula works really well at making a simple punch that is great tasting and has a flavor of its own. Here are some sample punches:

  1. ​Punch One
  • ​Ginger ale
  • Hawaiian Punch®
  • Frozen fruit garnish
  1. Punch Two
  • ​7Up®
  • Pineapple/Orange Juice
  • Sliced Pineapple rings frozen

Drinks at a Baby Shower

Punch is often served throughout the shower, but you will want to offer other drinks as well. This should include water, and could include other drinks like sodas, tea, coffee, etc. depending on the type of shower, what food you are serving, and the time of day. For example, a coed, evening baby shower with a BBQ theme might also serve beer! Though a morning brunch with women only might serve fresh fruit juices and coffee.

Robin's Baby Shower Punch

The weekend before my first baby shower, I had the most delightful time with a couple of my girlfriends who were throwing the shower. While we planned and picked recipes for dishes, we also made about four different batches of punch. As we sat and drank the punch I got to pick my favorite for the baby shower. Each one of them had a family recipe that they used.

We had elaborate punches, and we had one very simple punch. To this day that simple punch is my favorite!


  • 8 liters of Sprite
  • 1 gallon of rainbow sherbert
  • Frozen ring of apple juice with fruit - mostly for keeping it cool


  • Buy the ice cream in half gallon containers. Take the first half gallon out and place it in the punch bowl.
  • Add a two liter container of Sprite® to the bowl and as it melts use an ice cream scoop to break off bits of the ice cream.
  • Add the frozen ring (we used a mold) of juice/fruit.
  • Freshen up as necessary with additional ice cream and Sprite®.

For a flavorful flare consider adding fruit. Other additions could be ice cubes with party favors tucked inside, or colored ice cubes.

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