Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Sending Thank You Notes Without Going Crazy

Women at Baby Shower
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Saying thank you for a baby gift is an expected reaction when receiving a baby gift. Though sometimes you might not be accustomed to writing thank you notes or you may not feel like you have the time. Here are some quick and easy ways to get through your thank you notes:

  • Baby Shower Thank You Note Game

    Have everyone who is at your baby shower, write their name on a blank envelope. Put all of the addressed envelops into a basket and draw one for a prize. After the shower, you can simply write the note, affix a stamp and drop them in the mail! Just coordinate this one with your baby shower hostess.


  • The Picture Thank You Note

    When someone gives you a gift you can hold off sending the thank you until after the baby is born. When you send your thank you note, you include a picture of the baby using the gift. Think of a baby wearing an outfit or a baby enjoying a bath in a tub purchased for him or her. It’s a quick way to get the attention off your note and onto the baby. Tip: Consider writing the notes before the baby is born, so all that you need to do is slip in the photo.


  • Do It All At Once

    Just do it. Seriously, make a night of it. Sit down with a fun movie, the gift list, your cards, a few pens and your address book and just knock them out. Doing them before the baby will actually be more helpful than you will ever know. This is particularly true if you receive more presents after the birth of your baby. That means more thank you notes.


  • After the Baby Thank You Notes

    Don’t panic if your baby is here and you feel like you have a million thank you notes to write from your baby shower or from gifts received after the birth. Simply make a plan to do a few every week or one a day – whatever seems manageable. Keep everything you’ll need together in one box so that as you find the time, you don’t waste it by searching for items. If you have people that you know are counting the days from giving the gift until they get the thank you note, put them first on your list. This takes that stress off of you so that you can move at the pace you need to move at.


  • Combination Thank You Note/Birth Announcement

    It’s fine to kill to birds with one stone if you wish to do so. If you are concerned about how it looks, send both a separate thank you note inside the birth announcement, rather than a scrawled note on the announcement. This is becoming more popular, particularly if your baby is born near the winter holidays, which means you might be sending a combination thank you note/holiday card/birth announcement.
  • Hostess Gifts

    Don't forget about the hostess. While not all groups do hostess gifts, you many want to consider a small token as a thank you.

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