Baby Survives After Mom Gives Birth In A Forest

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Talk about a heck of a birth story--one newborn baby has been the talk of the town at only a few days old because of the rather unconventional way his mom brought him into the world. 

When 35-year-old Amber Pangborn, of Oroville, California, went into labor in late June, she knew she had to get help quickly. But unlike many of us who have given birth, Pangborn didn't call for help or even call 911.

Instead, she hopped into a car and decided to take a shortcut to her parents'  house that she had never drove before. The shortcut, which went through the forest, was unfamiliar to Pangborn, even though she had heard about it many times before from people who had taken it. 

Unfortunately, all that good advice from her friends (who perhaps may have given the poor girl a ride?) proved decidedly unhelpful when Pangborn found herself getting lost on the way. She was so lost, in fact, that the ended up 30 miles northeast of where she started, in mountains above Feather River.

Apparently, sometime in riding down the shortcut, named French Creek Road, Pangborn happened to not only get lost, but also ran out of gas and power in her cell phone. And it was there, in the wilderness of Plumas County National Forest, that Pangborn gave birth close to 5 in the morning.  

“I laid out a sleeping bag in the backseat, lay down, gripped the handle above the back window and gave birth to my daughter,” she told the local TV station.


After she gave birth, Pangborn's troubles weren't over. "The meat bees came out and were trying to get the placenta, I was trying to get them not to sting her and I got stung trying to keep them away from the baby. But they went into the placenta," Pangborn said.

Despite having only four apples, a small amount of water, and a can of soda, Pangborn and her new baby girl, whom she named Marissa, survived for three days.

On the last day, Pangborn decided to start a fire to try to signal for help. 

The fire just went WHOOSH and shot up the mountainside. And I was looking at Marissa ... and I was like, 'I think mommy just started a forest fire'," Pangborn told KHSL

Although the fire did cause some damage, her plan did work. The fire department spotted the fire and the pair was rescued. 

The mother-daughter duo was admitted to the local hospital, and the baby was taken to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento for more evaluation. 

Some say the woman's story has some major holes. "This story does not add up! First, who in their right mind drives alone when they're having contractions, knowing that birth is eminent? Second, who in their right mind decides to drive an unknown "short-cut" in the wilderness, with little gas and a cell phone that needs charging when they're having contractions? Third, why did she wait until the 3rd day to start a fire? Hmm, somethings don't make a lot of sense!" wrote one commenter.


​The story definitely does sound very strange, but as the saying goes, all's well that ends well. 

But maybe, just in case, this woman might want to consider having a back-up plan if and when she has a next baby. Just a thought. 

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