Baby's First Christmas Card Ideas

How to Make Your Own Christmas Cards for Baby's First Christmas

Mother and two children craft making at kitchen table
Mother and two children craft making at kitchen table. Getty/Cultura/Liam Norris

Handmade Christmas cards are a great way to celebrate baby's first Christmas, especially if you include a photo of your son or daughter with your greeting. Most people send out their Christmas cards during the first or second week of December, so it's important to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time. Ideally, you should schedule your family photo shoot and buy your card making supplies as early as mid-October or the beginning of November.

When making your Christmas cards, it's a lot more effective to work in an assembly line fashion instead of working card by card. You'll save yourself a ton of time because you won't have to constantly switch supplies or shift your focus.

Here's how to make four fun, festive homemade Christmas cards:

Handprint Santa Homemade Christmas Cards:

Baby handprint crafts are always adorable, so you can't go wrong with handprint Santa cards to celebrate baby's first Christmas. Decorate the front of the card with a handprint Santa and include a family photo inside.

Making a handprint Santa is very easy, although you'll want to keep a towel or baby wipes handy in case your little one starts to fuss while covered in paint.

  1. Cover the palm of your baby's hand with white craft paint. Make a hand print with the fingers facing the bottom of the card. Wash your baby's hands with soap and water when finished.
  2. Once the handprint is dry, draw a Santa hat above the handprint. Add cotton balls to make the hat look fuzzy if desired.
  1. Add a face. Use googly eyes for fun touch.
  2. If you want to save time, create one handprint Santa and scan the image to print on the front of all of your cards.

Christmas Ornament Cards:

If your mailing list is on the short side and you don't mind paying for additional postage, a Christmas card that features an ornament is a fun project to create in honor of baby's first Christmas.

  1. Purchase chipboard shapes from your local craft or scrapbooking supply store. Plain chipboard is ideal because it can be painted or decoupaged. You might be able to find chipboard with cute Christmas patterns.
  2. Adhere your photo to the chipboard.
  3. If the chipboard does not already have a hole in the top, punch a hole using a tool like the Crop-A-Dile hole punch and eyelet setter.
  4. Add a ribbon or fishing line to hang.
  5. Use glue dots to adhere the ornament to the front of your homemade Christmas card.
  6. On the inside of your card, add a short note indicating that the ornament can be removed and hung on the recipient's Christmas tree.

Refrigerator Magnet Christmas Cards:

A refrigerator magnet Christmas card, like the photo ornament Christmas card, is a great choice if you have a short mailing list. It's thoughtful and practical.

  1. Make a folded paper photo frame using holiday scrapbook paper or wrapping paper scraps.
  2. Add a cute Christmas photo of your baby to the frame.
  3. Stick an adhesive magnet strip to the back of the frame.
  4. Use glue dots to adhere your refrigerator magnet to the front of your handmade Christmas card.
  5. On the inside of your card, write a note indicating that the magnet should be removed.

    Artsy Digital Christmas Cards:

    If you're skilled with photo editing software, follow these tutorials to turn your photos in coloring pages and pop art. It's unexpected and turns your photo into a piece of unique digital artwork that can be used as the front of your holiday greeting. You can also use website like Shutterfly and Snapfish to easily transform your photos.

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