Babysitting Books and Guides for Teens

These books offer tips for getting started as a babysitter

Teens who want to get a babysitting job need to have resources to answer all of their questions before they get started. While it's a great way for kids not old enough for a part-time job to earn money, babysitting in the 21st century is a lot different than it was in earlier years. Make sure your would-be babysitter is as prepared as he or she can be for this very big responsibility.


by Harriet Brown. This set of books for a young teen or preteen who is thinking of babysitting includes a copy of The Babysitter's Handbook, and the supplies needed to run a successful babysitting business. including business cards, a client address book, a game pad, reward stickers, parent checklists, and more. 



by Debra Mostow Zakarin. This comprehensive book is full of guidelines and creative games baby-sitters can use to stay in charge and keep kids entertained away from the television. It contains lists of things to do and not to do, and tips your teen will be able to relate to and put into practice.


by Heidi Murkoff. Tips and tricks from the babysitting trade are offered through survey questions and answers from responsible babysitters. The book is very valuable for teens who would like to become experts at taking care of children and perhaps go on to be a nanny.


by Kim Carlson. If your teen is putting together a fun kit to bring to their babysitting job, this book is a great guide for creating it. Nothing is worse than having to look after bored, restless kids, so coming prepared with fun activities is a huge plus for any babysitter.


by The American Red Cross. Written by the experts of first aid and home safety, this book can serve as a reference guide. While it's a good idea for a teen babysitter to take a first aid course before watching children this book can help readers learn the crucial first aid measures to be applied in any situation, from cuts and burns to cardiac arrest, with instructions and drawings adapted for home use.


by Leah Browning. This guide includes plenty of photographs to help babysitters prepare for any situation that might arise. It addresses topics such as safety, keeping kids entertained, and feeding, and gives several "what would you do" scenarios for readers to think through. 


by Halley Bondy. Written in a light, humorous tone, this book covers everything from diaper changes to how to handle emergencies. Its target audience includes kids as young as 10, so it's a good first-time guide for even the youngest babysitters.

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