Back-To-School Stress Relief Techniques

Drastically Reduce Your School-Year Stress

While many families experience stress during the summer, there's no denying that the school year brings a unique set of stressors that can take a physical and psychological toll on all family members.  When school is in session, it helps immensely to have a plan!  The following are proven ways to relieve school-year stress and maximize your success, with resources from some of's best health experts.


It's no secret that poor nutrition can exacerbate stress, but studies also show that well-fed kids are more successful in school.  Be sure to feed yourself and your family a healthy breakfast (even when your mornings are busy) and a healthy dinner (family dinners can be stress relievers in themselves), and be sure you're packing healthy lunches as well.  If you're a college student, learn how to avoid the "freshman 15" and develop healthy eating routines while you're at school.  Your body will thank you for it, and you'll all feel less stressed as well.



 Lack of sleep can make everything feel more stressful, and can affect your performance in everything from test-taking to driving a car.  Getting enough sleep can be more challenging during the school year than during summer if it means you don't have to rush the family out of the house as early in the morning, or stay up late helping with homework.  For college students, summer is usually one long break, but the school year can bring late nights and even all-nighters.  Rest easier by prioritizing sleep, developing stress-relief strategies that help you to get better-quality sleep, and trouble-shoot those sleep saboteurs.  Be sure to do the same for your kids, and the whole family should be happier and more efficient.



 Taking care of your body through exercise and other healthy habits can keep you and  your family in better shape, which means higher energy levels, lower stress, and, most likely, a stronger bond.  Play with your kids, make time to be active as a family, and be sure to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life.



 Stress can deplete your energy, affect your memory, and generally make it more difficult to excel in school or manage the responsibilities that come with maintaining your status as a student or parent of students.  Many stress relief activities can also enhance your health, and once you get into the habit, these ideas can be an important and enjoyable part of your life.  As a bonus, teaching your kids stress management techniques in their childhood can help them to stay healthier and happier as adults who know how to cope with stress.



 It's much more stressful to scramble through your morning without a plan, or make up your nighttime routine on the fly.  Searching for lost items can eat up time, and living in clutter creates stress.  Here are some ways in which it really pays to be organized, along with resources to make your daily life (especially your morning routine) much less stressful.



 I should say "stay proactive," as you've already taken the initiative of reading this article, and are likely considering which changes you might want to put into action. Take things a step further by creating a specific plan for stress management, and following through on that plan.  First, here is some more information that might help along the way.


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