8 Back to School Tips from Teachers

Tips from teachers to parents for an easy transition back to school

back to school

With summer coming to an end, it is time to get ready to go back to school. I spoke with some teachers and asked them what things they want parents to know before starting the school year. 

Here are 8 things your child’s teacher wishes they could tell you that will help you and your child start the school year on the right foot.

1. Get your children to bed early     

Tired children are not happy in school.

Adjusting to getting up early is hard for everyone. If your child is on a sleep schedule that is very different from what they will be doing during school, push the bedtime earlier gradually over the weekend (or even the week before), so that the first day back is not a disaster.

2. Do not stay long when dropping off

Drop-offs are the hardest part of the day. Teachers are prepared to deal with children who are clinging to their parent's legs. Don't make it harder by lingering. Stick to a goodbye routine and allow teachers to deal with the separation issues.

4. Label everything

This is extra important for children going to preschool. When you send diapers, wipes, cups or any other personal item, make sure you label the item with your child's full name so it does not get lost in the classroom or given to another child.

5. Classroom items are shared

In the classroom all toys are shared, so do not send a toy with your child that cannot be shared by others.

If your child is having separation anxiety, ask the school if you can put a transitional object from home in your child's bag. This object must be left in the bag, but the child can hug it if he/she is feeling sad. 

6. Read everything that is sent home

Teachers spend time and effort writing parents informative notes.

Please make sure to look in your child's bag and read everything that is sent home from school. It is important to know how to contact the teacher, what kids need to bring to school and any other important information about forms or money for supplies or trips. It would be a shame for your child to miss something important because you did not read the note.

7. Make yourself available to the teacher

Teachers want to talk to be able to talk to parents. Even if you work try to attend pick up or drop off occasionally so the teacher can tell you things going on with your child in the classroom.

8. Expect an adjustment period

The beginning of the school year is an adjustment for everyone. There may be tears by you and your children and there may more arguments at home, especially in the mornings. The adjustment period won't last forever. Be patient and allow everyone some time to get back into the swing of things.

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