Barbecue Smoke Allergy

Mesquite Smoke Allergy

Barbecue smoke can cause allergic reactions.

Barbecue Smoke Allergy

Mesquite, oak, cedar and hickory are types of wood used for this barbecuing -- they are also trees that produce pollen that many people with seasonal allergies are allergic to. It appears that the allergen in this type of pollen is also contained within the wood of the tree; these allergens survive combustion and remain in smoke once the wood is burned.

While smoke from burning wood and other sources typically causes a form of non-allergic rhinitis, it is possible to be allergic to the smoke as well.

It is therefore possible that a person with mesquite pollen allergy could have an allergy and asthma attack if exposed to mesquite wood smoke at a summertime barbeque. And, there have been reports of oral allergy symptoms after eating foods barbequed over these types of wood.

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