Be a Good Role Model for Your Tween

Show your tween what it means to be your best everyday

You can be the role model your child deserves..

Raising children even under the best of circumstances isn't easy, and sometimes the hardest part about parenting is living up to our own expectations about what a good parent should be. While nobody's perfect, you can be the role model you always wanted to be, despite your shortcomings. Below are ways you can show your child what it means to be a caring and responsible adult, and a loving and supportive parent.

Easy Ways to be a Good Role Model to Tweens

Be Kind to Others: Treating other people decently isn't something you're likely to ever regret. Even when you deal with obnoxious or difficult people, treating them the way you wish they would treat you  shows your tween how to take the high road and be a class act. Volunteering to help those who are less fortunate also shows your child how to be a caring member of society who is willing to get out there and make a difference. 

Take Care of Yourself: It's so easy for parents to neglect their health and put their needs on the back burner. But it's important that you show your tween that health, safety, and nutrition are not be taken for granted. Make time to work out and do things that lift your spirits. Show your tween that nutrition is important and that part of being a happy individual is being responsible for one's own health.

Make Time for Fun/Make Time for Work: This is a tough one, because you want your tween to know how to have fun, but also how to work hard.

Finding the work/life balance is a struggle for just about every adult, but it's important for your tween to learn that a happy life will consist of both.

Admit When You're Wrong: Parents make mistakes -- even the best of parents. But knowing when you're wrong and admitting it can show your tween that everyone is human and that even when mistakes are made, owning up to them is the responsible and civil thing to do.

Let your tween know you're sorry for your mistakes, but like him, you'll try harder and will learn from your missteps. Taking responsibility for your own problems and mistakes is a wonderful lesson every child should know.

Set Goals: Your tween will need to develop strong study habits and a work ethic if he wants to make it in middle school, high school and beyond. Show your child that success doesn't just happen, for most people success is something they have worked for. Let your tween see you setting goals and working to achieve them. Show your child that working towards a goal can be fun and rewarding, and that you always learn something about yourself along the way.

Stop Complaining: Your child is going to mimic what they see and hear, and if you want your child to know resilience, responsibility and maturity, you need to put a halt on your own bad habits, including complaining. Complaining rarely accomplishes anything, and it can become a terrible habit. Instead of complaining over every little thing, try to focus on what's going right and what's working well.

In other words, show your tween that the glass is half full, not half empty.

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