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Yoga Favorite Is Out of Business

Unfortunately, be present went out of business in 2015. Although they are no longer making new pants, it's still possible to find back stock at some retailers. I know, it's a lot to take in. Let's have a moment of silence and then maybe we can help you find your next favorite pair of yoga pants? What, too soon?

Be present was a family-owned business that manufactured its clothing in the US. They made some of the world's most comfortable and unique yoga pants from 2002-2015. These three styles of pants formed the core of be present's design collection: Agility, Mobility, and Kona.

Agility Pants

Agility Pant by be present. Courtesy of be present

My original favorite be present pants are the Agility style. They are extremely lightweight and the proprietary Breathe Weave fabric dries so quickly that you never have to leave class with sweaty crotch stains (always a downer) again. They are full length, but slit up the back to the knee, which helps keep you cool and allows you to check your knee alignment easily. They come in an array of gorgeous colors.

Mobility Pants

Mobility Pant by be present. Courtesy of be present

Move over Agility, there's a new favorite pant in town! The Mobility style is made from the same lightweight Breathe Weave fabric as the Agility and is cut is similarly flattering. The main difference is that the Mobility pant is cropped above the ankle and slit up the side. This cute style makes the pant indistinguishable from well-designed streetwear. They are great to practice in and you won't have to change before heading out to your coffee date or grocery store run. They are also perfect for travel, especially to yoga festivals and retreats.

Kona Pants

Kona Pant by be present. Courtesy of be present

I have pledged my allegiance to the Mobility Pant, but in really hot weather I break out the Konas. Same lightweight, breathable fabric and great colors, but cropped at the knee and a little baggier.

Any way you cut it, I love(d) my be present pants! (So sad they're gone!)

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