Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies (Review)

Sugar Addiction Help for Dummies
Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies

Are you worried that you have a sugar addiction? It might seem like sugar cravings rule your life. But it doesn't have to be that way. I recently read Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies to see if the book would be helpful for readers who are trying to slim down. I found that the book is packed with advice and tips for people with a wide range of health goals who want to kick the sugar habit and improve their health.

Who Should Read Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies?

Even if you don't think you have a sugar problem, this book is a good read if you want to lose weight. In the beginning sections, author Dan DeFigio provides a list of quiz questions that help you define your relationship with sugar. He also offers specific guidance about the changes you can expect to see if you beat the sugar habit. Not surprisingly, the changes include weight loss.

In addition, DeFigio does a good job of addressing our complicated relationship with all food, not just sugary treats. And he does so with a kindness and sensitivity that is particularly welcome for dieters. For example, in a section entitled “Coping with Falling Off the Wagon,” he encourages readers to start with forgiveness.

“There’s a big difference between recognizing a mistake and judging yourself. Scolding yourself only worsens your self negativity and triggers the emotional insecurities that drive the desire for comfort food in the first place.”

Even though the book provides plenty of useful advice, I was most impressed with DeFigio’s tone and ability to address food-related emotional issues and lifestyle complications.

Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies Advice

Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies is packed with advice from every angle. You’ll find a helpful guide for reading nutritional labels, a list of names that manufacturers use to disguise sugar, handy recipes, and endless tips for managing all aspects of a low-sugar life.

In the back of the book, DeFigio includes a section called "The Part of Tens" where he includes several ten-item lists to scan. One of them is called “Ten Surprising Things to Leave at the Grocery Store.” You might be interested to see the foods that he includes. Would you leave diet soda on the shelf, for example? Or what about frozen entrees and canned soups? DeFigio explains why each of these items may do more harm than good.

What I Didn't Love About Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies

Readers who have seen some of my other book reviews may not be surprised at my singular criticism of the book. I’m not always a fan of weight loss authors who malign non-organic food and food produced with GMOs.

It’s not that I have anything against organic or non-GMO food. But I fear that promoting those issues can complicate the decision-making process for people who don’t have the time and money to shop for high-priced specialty foods that are not always readily available. In addition, heralding these foods can promote the “health halo” effect, which may lead to weight gain if dieters make food choices based on organic/GMO status rather than on nutritional content.

However, I have to give DeFigio credit.

In his discussion about the importance of eating organic and non-GMO food, he generally labels his opinion as his opinion and he is careful to put organic foods into perspective.

“Understandably not everyone is willing or able to commit to organic food full time. Sometimes your food budget may require that you buy less expensive conventional produce instead of organic foods. If that is the case, don’t worry – the benefits of a diet that’s high in vegetables and fruit outweigh the risk from pesticide use and genetically modified food.”

Should You Buy "Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies?"

I’d put this book on the reference shelf.

In fact, it is staying on mine. Even if you don't read the book cover to cover, you’ll find plenty of scannable advice that will help you eat better, live more peacefully and lose weight (if weight loss is your goal).

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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