Organic Cotton Beckons Wisdom Fold-Over Womens Workout Pant

An ode to a comfortable, womens cotton workout pant!

The Wisdom Fold Over Pants. Credit:

Are you looking for a workout pant that you can wear all day and that will still work great for your yoga or Pilates workout? I like a lot of different styles of workout clothing, but sometimes I crave a pant that looks good and feels like something I can be super-comfortable in all day long. I've found one - the Wisdom Fold Over Yoga Pant from Beckons.

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Fuller Fit and Roll-Down Waistband

The Wisdom Fold Overs have style, but they are soft and loose enough to let me walk around town without wishing I had a tunic over.

The Wisdom was designed with a fuller fit so it could work with a wider range of body types. The Wisdom is available in sizes XS through XL. 

The roll-down waistband also gives you style options. You can wear it extended up to just below your navel or you can fold it over and wear it at any point down to the hip. The legs fit loosely and are wider at the ankle. They don't have any pockets.

I found the pants to be well-constructed. The fabric composition is mid-weight 92% organic cotton and 8% stretchy lycra. I bought the purple and they also come in black, white, charcoal and teal, although various colors may be introduced seasonally.

Beckons Wisdom Capris and Shorts

Beckons also produces a stylish ruffled yoga capri. You can rock the "Mary had a little lamb" styling in a variety of colors. They have three ruffles along the hemline of the wide legs, with a 21-inch inseam. Like the pants, they have a fold-over waistband.

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The Beckons Wisdom Fold Over Yoga Shorts have a three-inch inseam and fold-over waist.

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Organic Cotton

The Beckons line of workout clothing is made from organic cotton or hemp, with the occasional bit of lycra for structure and stretch. There are lots of bright colors, and comfort reigns.

Beckons says that organic cotton feels softer. Because the fibers are less brittle, they are more durable and your organic cotton clothes should hold up better.

Organic cotton growing has less impact on environmental resources. It uses less water and doesn't introduce pesticides and non-organic fertilizer into the soils and air. Beckons clothing is manufactured in Denver, Colorado with the cotton sourced from Texas, India, Turkey and China.

Bottom Line on Beckons Wisdom Fold Over Yoga Pants

If you are like me, there are lots of days when you want to wear your workout pants all day - maybe you want to go to class and then run errands. The problem I find is that some pants are great for Pilates or yoga class, but either they are not comfortable enough for all-day wear, or they are a too form-fitting for the street. These pants are a good solution - albeit quite casual. They may fit into your lifestyle, or you may want to browse their other offerings for pants that will work better for you.