Bed Rest Activities During Twin Pregnancy

Activities to Keep Moms of Multiples Busy While On Bed Rest

Because of the increased risk of complications in multiple pregnancy, many expectant moms of multiples find themselves assigned to bed rest during pregnancy. Although it may seem like an easy task, lying in bed for an extended period can prove to be very challenging. In addition to physical discomfort and anxiety about the condition of their babies, many moms find it difficult to cope with the boredom. Here are some suggestions for activities that can be accomplished while on bed rest. If you're facing bed rest during a multiple pregnancy, try these activities to help pass the time.


Twin Pregnancy Bed Rest
Some moms of multiples face bed rest during pregnancy with twins or more. Lifesize / Getty Images

It's hard enough to choose the right name for one baby, but you've got to make selections for two or more! Spend some time doing research. You can find out the origin and meaning of names and try them out in combination.



One of the most crucial pieces of equipment you'll need for your babies is a good double stroller. But how can you shop for one when you can't leave your bed? Use your bed rest time to do some research. Read online reviews, watch videos, and find out what other parents of multiples recommend. Then send a designated shopper to make the purchase. Or, you can even buy online!



There are many good books about parenting twins and multiples. Not only can you read up on pregnancy advice, but you can start reading ahead about baby care and toddlerhood. 


Host a Spa Day

Invite some friends to join you for a mani/pedi right in bed. You'll feel more beautiful and enjoy the companionship. 

Learn to Knit

Any activity that keeps your hands busy will help you while away the hours, and knitting is a great skill. It takes few materials beyond yarn and needles, and you can create something that you'll actually use. Whether a simple scarf, or a more elaborate hat or sweater, try knitting as a way to pass the time.


When I was a teenager, I spent hours creating mix tapes of my favorite music. In that day, it was a tedious process that often required waiting on the radio station to play the song I wanted. Now, digital music greatly simplifies the process. Utilize iTunes or other digital music service to download music and then create playlists. Listening to the music will help you bond with the babies and allow you to look forward to listening to it with them once they arrive.



Once your babies arrive, your time becomes a lot more precious and there will be many things that you just can't quite accomplish. Bed rest is a great opportunity to devote some time to journaling and scrapbooking. Write down all the things that you want your kids to know about you, their father and their heritage. Record memories of your own childhood. Preserve this special time in your life as you await their arrival; what is going on in the world?

You can also look ahead to scrapbooks that will include them. Premake template pages so that you can quickly and easily insert photographs once they're born.

Be Productive

Although you may feel very limited by your bed rest restrictions, there is a lot you can accomplish from bed. A laptop computer and a cell phone makes it much easier. Being productive helps to pass the time, keeps your mind from focusing on anxiety, and boosts your sense of well-being. So what can you do? Research recipes, plan menus and make grocery lists. You can even order groceries online. Try Netgrocer, Amazon, or Schwans. Also, many local grocery store chains offer online ordering so that you can choose your groceries and have someone else pick them up from the store. Fold clothes. Sort paperwork. Pay bills. Get your holiday shopping done early. Make lists. Organize your address book. Pre-address your baby announcements. 

Think Like a Kid

Finally, have some fun. Think like a kid and rediscover some of the quiet-time activities that you enjoyed back in the day. A coloring book and crayons can help you while away the hours and release some creative energy. Challenge your brain with puzzles. Play card games. 

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