Before You Buy Baby Clothes

Newborn baby wearing onesie
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Ah, baby clothes. All of those adorable newborn outfits seem to call pregnant women from the moment the pregnancy test turns positive. But you have questions. Do you know where to buy baby clothes? How do you wash them? What baby clothes should I be buying? Buying baby clothes are fun, but there has to be a rhyme and reason to it or you'll have a bunch of fun clothes with no functionality. Here are some great tips to know before you buy your layette to help keep your baby safe, comfortable and cute.

Buttons, Bows, and Snaps

One thing we may forget to notice when buying clothes for baby is where snaps, buttons, etc. are located. Remember for baby's comfort to check out the location of all functional and decorative items. Think about how the baby will be laying on the article of clothing and how the accessories may be bothersome.


There is nothing worse than purchasing an adorable outfit for your newborn, only to figure out too late that it's a miserable outfit to have to put on your baby. Be sure you have ease of access for diaper changes, clothing changes, etc. Usually, snap crotches are great for ease of diaper changes. Neckline may be stretchy or have a snap or two to widen the opening around your baby's head.

Seasonal Clothing

When you are shopping for your baby clothes, remember to keep in mind the season that your baby will be born. If you are expecting a winter baby, don't go hog wild in purchasing short sets during your pregnancy.

Focus on some season neutral clothing like onesies and sleepers. Once your baby is born you can buy some outfits that are seasonally appropriate.

Size Wise

While most newborn babies fall into a certain size range, they can be quite easy for which to purchase clothing. However, keep in mind two factors: 1) Gifts from everyone are usually given as newborn or small sizes and 2) You don't know how quickly your baby will grow or outgrow baby clothes.

Hand Me Downs

Hand me downs and second-hand baby clothes are a great way to enhance your baby's wardrobe. Since little ones often don't wear clothes often because of how quickly they tend to grow, the wear on the clothing tends to be minimal. You can usually get several babies worth of use out of an outfit! One item to be leery of for second hand is sleepers, because the flame retardation may wear down.

Where to Shop

Baby clothes are sold at almost every store. That said, not all baby clothes that are made are equal. You will eventually figure out what clothes you like, your baby likes, and that will hold up. Sometimes you wind up being tempted by a low price, only to figure out that the bargain outfit you paid so little for is really not that inexpensive when you see that the outfit was only worn once and fell apart in the wash. Get sturdy clothes that will handle the washing frequency of clothing that is thrown up on on a daily basis. If the brands that you like are expensive - look for them second hand at used clothing stores, baby clothes swaps, and other places.

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