Top 5 Maternity Underwear Styles for Pregnant Women

How to Be Comfortable and Fashionable in the Right Pregnancy Underwear

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While you know that your abdomen is eventually going to expand now that you are pregnant, you probably haven't given a lot of thought to the type of maternity underwear that you're going to need. To avoid cheeky mishaps or underwear that rolls down uncomfortably, you've got to plan ahead. Here are five styles to choose from while searching for the right underwear for you in pregnancy.

5 Top Maternity Underwear Styles 

Let's face it, we're all pretty attached to our underwear style, be it briefs, bikinis, or thongs.

This has a lot to do with personal style preference and what we're comfortable wearing. But what should you keep in mind when your pre-pregnancy underwear just isn't going to provide you with the support you need? Consider learning more about the different styles of underwear and which of the following five maybe right for you:

    1. Bikini Style

    Simply buying a size or two up in your usual bikini style of underwear may be just fine for some women, versus buying maternity specific underwear like Motherhood Maternity Bikini Underwear. Although some women have an issue with this style rolling down uncomfortably, bikini styles usually sit low, so you don't have to worry about it peeking out from most pants. Depending on the shape of your belly, look for a bikini style that doesn't settle into your hip crease or dig into your skin. 

    2. Maternity Briefs

    Maternity briefs  are often called grandma panties, because yes, they look like something your grandma might wear.

    And while they are not stylish looking, many moms rave about how comfortable they are despite the looks because of all the coverage they provide in the back. They don't tend to roll or bunch in uncomfortable places, though some high cut thigh styles can leave you with a covered belly but too little coverage for full cheeks.

    3. Thong Trend

    While many women live by the motto that they wouldn't wear thongs, pregnant or not, the thong is the in thing in pregnancy underwear fashion. Many women do happen to find this style of underwear very comfortable, saying if they aren't getting the coverage from their other underwear they might as well wear something designed to "be in there." There are also styles such as the Carer Maternity Thong, which provides full belly coverage while sporting a thin thong style between the cheeks.

    4. The Boxer Panty

    This Boxer style of underwear looks a lot like cute boy shorts. Many expectant moms enjoy the full coverage in the bottom, while the waist sits comfortably under the belly. Maternity boxer panties come in comfortable cotton/spandex blends that stretch and move with you, though some women don't like that the shorts seem to sit in the crease of the hip, requiring frequent digging out and pulling down.

    5. Going Commando

    I know you're thinking that this article is about maternity underwear, and it is. But there is a growing number of women who say that pregnancy styled panties just don't work for them. They enjoy the freedom of wearing no underwear at all. So, if commando is your thing, either before or during pregnancy, there is no reason to believe you can't do it now.

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