Before You Let an Autism Diagnosis Drive You Crazy

What If...? Getting Past Blame and Worry to Help Your Autistic Child

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Parents with a child on the autism spectrum tend to overwhelm themselves with research, treatments, and general anxiety over their child's welfare. While this is natural, it's not particularly good for you, your child, your marriage or the rest of your family. And the truth is, it really isn't necessary. Here's why.

You're Not Too Late to Help Your Child

Whether your child with autism is two, ten, or twenty-five, he or she will still benefit from therapy.

In fact, while early intervention is always helpful, the proverbial "window of opportunity" for treatment is a bit of a myth. So whatever your child's stage of life, you're not too late to make a difference.

You Didn't Somehow Miss "The Cure" for Your Child's Autism

Did you somehow miss out on a pill, a supplement, a special treatment or a new therapy that could be "the one" that could have cured your child's autism? The truth is, while many children respond well to various therapies, even children who are supposedly "recovered" still have some autistic tendencies. Since there is no cure for autism (at least at this point in history), there's no need to worry about it.

You Don't Need to Do Any More Research...Tonight!

Is there another article on Applied Behavioral Analysis?

Is RDI better than Floortime? Is fish oil really going to help my child? There's always another question - and the web holds a million answers. But right now is a good time to take a break, have a bubble bath, and re-connect with your partner and the rest of your family. You can always dive back into research again tomorrow.

You Don't Need to Track Down the Cause of Your Child's Autism

The media is full of stories of what causes autism, and you'll find answers galore, from TV to pitocin, from vaccines to Lyme Disease. Could one of these answers be correct? Absolutely. Do we know for sure WHICH is correct? Absolutely not. You can sift and weigh the evidence and formulate an opinion, but as of today no one really knows what causes autism. As a result, you're free to focus on the future instead of the past.

You Don't Have to Cope with Autism Alone

When your child is diagnosed with autism, you feel like you've just been tossed out of the "parent club." After all, your child is different, which means you'll never fit in again. Luckily, there's a whole world of support groups, listserves, buddy clubs, parent groups and events where you're more than welcome. In fact, your presence is requested!

You Don't Have to Give Up On Your Child

You're child's autistic - so you shouldn't expect much.

That's just realistic, right? Wrong. People with autism may speak or not speak. They may have great talents or great challenges. But all of them, including your child, are worthy of love and respect.

You Don't Have to Give Up On Your Life or Your Family

When your child is autistic you may feel ostracized from the ordinary world. In fact, though it may be a bit tougher, you can join in most of what life has to offer, even WITH a child on the spectrum. From vacations to family holidays to visits to grandma - most of it is a matter of planning, patience, and a sense of humor.

And for some people, success is even sweeter when it requires overcoming a challenge.