Before You Look for Information on ODD

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Sorting through the wealth of online information on ODD can be a daunting task. What's worth reading, and what's a waste of time? Start with this recommended list of resources to find the information you need to understand and help your child.

On this Parenting Special Needs site

There are lots of articles on this site of interest to parents of children with ODD, but these three will give you a good place to begin.

From the About guide to Special Education

Jerry Webster, the guide to Special Education, includes information on ODD and related disorders on her site for educators. Start with these three articles on her site.

Around the About network

There's information on ODD all around Start with these three sites.

Just the facts

These reference sites give good overviews of ODD diagnosis and treatment.

ADD sites

These sites focused on ADD offer information on ODD as a co-existing condition.

Behavior sites

These sites focus on difficult behavior in teens, including ODD.

Books on ODD

These sites offer information on books and programs designed to address the defiant behavior.


Try these online support groups for getting understanding and advice from other parents.

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