Beginner Total Body Resistance Band Workout

If you've got a resistance band, you may wonder exactly what to do with it. I've got you covered with this simple, total body band workout.  You'll hit all the major muscle groups using the resistance band to build strength and endurance in your entire body. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust your hand position or the position of your body to get the most tension out of each move. If anything feels too easy, try using a heavier band with more tension.


See your doc if you have any medical issues or conditions.


At least one resistance band.  It's great to have a variety of bands if you can so you can switch them up as needed.

How To:

  • Beginners:  Perform each exercise for 1 set of about 12-16 reps.
  • Intermediate: Do two sets of 16 reps using a variety of bands.
  • Advanced: Do three or more sets of 16 reps using a variety of bands.
  • Make sure you warm up with about 5 minutes of cardio before doing this workout.

One Arm Chest Press

One Arm Chest Press with Band
Paige Waehner

Wrap the band around a sturdy object and loop one handle through the other.  Hold the end in the left hand and step away from the anchor point until there's tension on the band.  Begin the movement with the left arm bent, band coming under the arm and the elbow bent at 90 degrees. Squeeze the chest to press the left arm out in front of you.  Back to start and repeat for 16 reps on each side.

You can also do this exercise in a superset with the one arm fly exercise shown on the previous page, alternating each exercise.

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One Arm Rotating Chest Fly

Rotating One Arm Fly
Paige Waehner

Wrap the band around a sturdy object and loop one handle through the other.  Stand with the left side facing the anchor point, arms straight out to the sides and feet about hip-distance apart and hold the handle in the left hand.  Stand far enough away that there's tension on the band. Rotate the left hand towards the right hand, keeping the arms very straight.  Try to touch the left fingers to the right, feeling the exercise in the left side of the chest, shoulder, and arm.  Release and repeat for all reps on the left side and then switch sides.  16 reps and switch sides.

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Lat Pulls with Resistance Bands

One Arm Lat Pull
Paige Waehner

Stand or sit and hold a band in both hands above your head. Start with your hands a few inches apart - You may need to adjust them to change the tension. Keeping the ​left hand stable, squeeze the back to pull elbow down towards the ribcage.  Return to start and repeat for 6 reps before switching sides.

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Upper Back Squeeze

Rear Delt Squeeze
Rear Delt Squeeze. Paige Waehner

Standing or sitting, hold band in the middle, arms straight out in front of you, hands a few inches apart. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and pull band so that arms are out to the sides like an airplane. Return to start and repeat, keeping tension on the band the entire time.  Repeat for 16 reps.

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One Arm Rear Flies

Band Rear Fly One Arm
Paige Waehner

On hands and knees, hold one side of the band in the right hand and grab the other end with the left hand. Keep the right hand in place as you lift the left arm straight up to shoulder level leading with the elbow and squeezing the back and shoulder. Adjust hand placement to increase or decrease tension.  Repeat for 16 reps on each side.

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Overhead Press

Overhead Press with Band
Paige Waehner

Place band under ball or stand on band holding handles in both hands. Begin with arms bent in 'goal post', wrists straight and abs in. Contract the shoulders to straighten arms up and lower back down. You may need to do this one arm at a time if your band is heavy. Complete 16 reps.

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One Arm Triceps Extensions

Triceps Extension
Paige Waehner

Hold the band in both hands at shoulder level with right arm bent so that it's in front of the chest, left arm straight out. Keeping the left arm straight to hold tension on the hand, contract the triceps to straighten the right arm. Return to start and repeat before switching sides.  Complete 16 reps on each side.

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Band Biceps Curls

Band Biceps
Paige Waehner

Stand on the band and hold handles with palms facing out. Keeping abs in and knees slightly bent, bend arms and bring palms toward shoulders in a bicep curl. Position feet wider for more tension. Return to start and repeat for 16 reps.

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Side Step Squat

Band Squat
Paige Waehner

Stand on the band with feet together, keeping tension on the band by holding a half-bicep curl. Step to the right as far as you can and lower into a squat.  Step the left foot in and continue stepping to the right with a squat for the length of the room before switching sides. Lower into a squat, keeping knees behind toes and pulling on the band to add tension. Return to start and repeat.

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Band Lunges

Band Lunge
Paige Waehner

Stand with right leg forward, left leg back and band positioned under right leg. Keeping tension on the band by bending elbows, lower into a lunge until both knees are at 90 degrees, front knee behind the toe. Return to start and repeat for 16 reps on each side.

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Criss Cross Outer Thigh

Criss Cross Outer Thigh
Paige Waehner

Lie down with the legs up, band looped around the feet.  Criss cross the band for added tension and pull the elbows down to the floor.  Open the feet, concentrating on squeezing the outer thighs. Come back to start and repeat.

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Butt Blaster

Butt Blaster Band
Paige Waehner

Get on your hands and knees and wrap a resistance band around the right foot. Hold the handles in each hand and begin the move with the right knee bent and flex the foot while extending the right leg straight back, squeezing the glutes.   Repeat for 16 reps on each side.  Make sure you keep your foot flexed to avoid the band snapping back.  Ouch!

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