Beginning Exerciser - Level 2

Congratulations...You a have a strong base to begin challenging yourself!

If you're used to moving around and have some basic knowledge of cardio and strength training, this is a great place for you! Here you'll take a more structured approach to your exercise program. The following resources will help you get started:

12 Weeks to Weight Loss
This free program is designed to help you get started with cardio, strength training, flexibility exercises and healthy eating. Start here if you want a program already made up for you but keep in mind it isn't one-size fits all...modify where you need to!

Beginner's Corner
This resource center provides all the basics about creating and structuring a complete exercise program. It's a great place to visit even if you aren't a beginner just to remind yourself of the basics.

Level 2 Cardio Workout Ideas

Beginner Interval Training
Here you'll find 3 different treadmill workouts (although you can do them on any machine or outside). These workouts are for people who can exercise for at least 20-25 minutes at a time, although you should feel free to modify the workouts as needed.

Beginner Interval 2
This more advanced interval workout takes you up to almost 40 minutes of intense intervals. Try this if you'd like more of a challenge--just watch your intensity and modify as needed. steps!

Level 2 Strength Workouts

Beginner Strength Training - Level 2

This total body strength workout is perfect for beginners who have a bit of experience and knowledge of strength training with weights.

It involves more intensity than the Beginner Workout, so you'll need some weights to get started.

Beginner Ab Workout
This is a basic ab workout covering all the usual exercises like crunches and crossover crunches. This is a great place to start to learn the fundamentals of ab training before moving on to more intense exercises.

Articles and Resources Especially for Level 2 Beginners

Fitting in Exercise

Exercise for Beginners

Beginner Strength Training

Beginner Cardio

Beginner Flexibility

One More Thing...

One of the best things you can do is to reward yourself for a job well done. If you finish all your planned workouts, give yourself a gift--a new book to read, a massage or new workout clothes. We all need to be acknowledged for all the hard work we do--why not do it for yourself?

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