On Being Twins: An Interview with the Experts

An Interview with Ten-Year-Old Twins

An interview with twins
An Interview with twins. Brad Wilson / Getty Images

I'm always looking for new ways to provide advice and assistance to parents and twins. For a fresh perspective, I decided to consult some true experts: my own twins. Now that they are getting older, they have definite opinions about things, and I thought their feelings might be helpful to other parents. It was an interesting experiment. I interviewed them separately and was surprised by the similarity -- and differences -- in their answers.

Here's a transcript of our interview:

Q: What do you like about being a twin?

Twin A: You have somebody that you can play with all the time.
Twin B: It's fun because you always have somebody to play with.

Q:What don't you like about being twins?

Twin A: You fight a lot.
Twin B: We fight a lot.

Q:Is it more fun that just having a regular brother or sister?

Twin A: Yes. You have more in common. If you had a boy twin, you wouldn't have as much in common because you would like different things. If I had a younger one [sibling], you could play with them and help take care of them. But it is more fun having someone your same age.
Twin B: Yes. It's more fun to have a twin because a brother or sister may be away all the time, like in the Navy or something. A younger sister or brother would get annoying, but the bigger brother or sister, they could drive you places where you wanted to go.

Q: Do you wish you were in the same class?

Twin A: No.

You would always get in trouble because we fight a lot.
Twin B: No. Because we would fight too much at school.

Q: Do you like to do the same things?

Twin A: Not really. Sometimes we do the same things.​
Twin B: Kind of. Some things that she does can be fun.

Q: What's the stupidest question people ask you about being a twin?

Twin A: Why do we call each other "sister"?

[that's what they've always called each other]
Twin B: "Why do you call each other sister?" Every time they ask me I say "That's a really stupid question and I have no clue."

Q: What do you wish your parents did differently?

Twin A: I wish they wouldn't embarrass me by dancing really crazy at a party.
Twin B: Nothing. Well, if they could let me have sugary cereal and a donut in the morning and not ground me.

Q: Do you want to have twins when you grow up?

Twin A: No. I don't know why.
Twin B: Maybe. I would want to adopt them.

Q: Do you ever try to switch identities?

Twin A: No, we haven't yet.
Twin B: No. It would be hard because my sister has braces.

Q: Do you think ever you will?

Twin A: Maybe.
Twin B: No.

Q: Can you think of a reason why you would try to be your sister?

Twin A: Because if she didn't study, I could come in her class and take the test for her.
Twin B: No.

Q: What do you like most about your twin sister?

Twin A: She's good in school.
Twin B: She's funny. She's a jokester but she doesn't play any mean jokes. She makes me laugh a lot.

Q: What do you like least about her?

Twin A: She's always mean to the cat.
Twin B: She gets annoying sometimes when she starts poking me and won't stop.

Q: How are you most like her?

Twin A: We​ look alike.

Twin B: We're both funny.

Q: How are you most different?

Twin A:: I have braces and she doesn't yet. I like fashion clothes more than her.
Twin B: There are so many ways that we're different, I just can't name them. She likes stylish clothes and I don't.

Q: What famous twins would you like to be like?

Twin A: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. It would be fun to be an actress.
Twin B: Mary-Kate and Ashley. Those are the only famous twins that I know.

Q: Do you like to dress alike?

Twin A: No.
Twin B: No.

Q: Did you care if you were dressed alike when you were younger?

Twin A: I didn't really care.
Twin B: No. I would not mind then, but now I would mind.

Q: Do you think it's easier or harder to be a twin than a singleton?

Twin A: Easier. You can just walk around and look like you're twins and switch places and stuff like that.
Twin B: It's easier. Because you have fun with them a lot. You always have somebody to play with, not like being an only child.

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