Bella Band for Pregnancy

Extending the Life of Your Pre-pregnancy and Maternity Clothes

Maternity BellaBand
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Bella Band is something new and exciting for maternity clothes. It's a fact of pregnant life - you will outgrow your clothes. And when you start to outgrow your clothes, the ironic thing is that the maternity clothes don't fit. Can I tell you how many times I've snapped my belly trying to hold my jeans together with a rubber band? Ouch! Other ingenious moms have tried safety pins, paper clips and a whole host of other things.

I had a friend who used duct tape to hold her pants up once. It wasn't pretty. The Bella Band changes all of that.

How Bella Band Works

Bella Band is a solid band of fabric, nylon, and spandex, that you step into and pull up around your waist. You can use the entire length of fabric, or fold it down for less coverage. You can use it to hold up pants that aren't buttoned or zipped up. It also can hold up maternity clothes that are too loose.

Because it's attractive, it can show with no problem. It simply looks like a camisole or t-shirt under your top. It is not designed to be worn alone but as an addition to your wardrobe.

Wash and Wear

You can machine wash the Bella Band in warm and the gentle cycle. It tumbles dry as well. You can't iron it, but when I washed mine it didn't require ironing. I saw no difference in the hang dry or dryer with my Bella Band.

Bella Band Sizing

Bella Band is sized to fit your pre-pregnancy pants size.

It offers four sizes that fit from size 0-24. While they do offer some great information on how to choose a size, it is personal. Some women like a bit more pressure on their bellies, while others don't. There are also issues to consider like how you are holding your baby - more in the front on the sides, etc.

You may also want to go a size up if you are expecting multiples. The choice is yours!

Options and Colors

The Bella Band has three basic colors, but also offers a variety of colors based on the season and styles currently in fashion. If you want to try a bit of dressing up, the Bella Band also offers a laced edge on the bottom of one style.

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