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Belly Bandit Postpartum
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The Bottom Line

The Belly Bandit is designed to help postpartum moms regain their waistline faster. The support in the first days after birth can be very comforting. I'm not sure my waist is in any better shape with the Belly Bandit after 8 weeks, but it was a good reminder of holding in my core muscles and maintaining my posture.


  • Support can feel good in early postpartum days.
  • Helps with posture.
  • Makes clothes fit better.


  • Fabric rolls at times.


  • The Belly Bandit Original comes in five sizes and three colors.
  • The Belly Bandit Couture comes in five sizes and three colors with multiple fabrics for added color.
  • The Belly Bandit Bamboo provides a natural fabric in five sizes and two colors.

Guide Review - Belly Bandit

Binding the abdomen after giving birth has been a popular phenomenon in many cultures.  The goal is to shrink the waist and hips back to their pre-pregnancy shape and form. The Belly Bandit is a modern twist on this old tradition. It is designed so that it can be used within days after giving birth, even if you had a cesarean section.

The Belly Bandit is essentially a really wide, smooth belt to be worn under your clothes. The goal is to help flatten your post-pregnancy belly quickly and efficiently. It fastens with velcro and helps you maintain that "sucked in" feeling.

It was nice to feel the support. I had worried that it would feel constricting, but it wasn't that way at all. I also enjoyed that it helped me remember about my posture.

The recommended time frame to start wearing the Belly Bandit is the day after giving birth. You should then wear it continuously, as in every day, for 6-8 weeks.

Though even after that time period it can be useful as an undergarment for posture or roll control or reminder of form/sucking it in. I had some issues with the fabric rolling down occasionally but it wasn't bad enough to stop using it and I felt like it was probably more due to my lack of correct posture than anything.

The Belly Bandit is hand washed only to help preserve the material. It also requires drip drying, again to protect the material and help it retain its shape. This can take up to twelve hours to get it thoroughly dry. You supposedly get more out of the Belly Bandit when you have it in continuous use, that means even while you sleep you should be wearing it. The manufacturers recommend that you purchase two for when one is drying. I didn't feel the need to wash it that often. So, honestly, if you don't want to purchase a second one, I am confident that you would be able to do really well without two Belly Bandits. Or you could go in with a friend and each buy one - the only issue is that you'd have to have really well-timed pregnancies.

I certainly would wear it again, even though I'm sure not worried about my belly or hips. It was a great way to have support for my abdominal muscles in those early days and weeks postpartum.

It helped me keep my posture in check and think it helped me feel better overall.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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