8 Benefits of Having an Only Child

8 Reasons Why an Only Child is Awesome

Mother with baby girl on bed
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The size of your family is dependent on many things. Some people know ahead of time that they only want a single child, while others don’t know that this is what they will wind up preferring until after they have had one child. There are even those who wind up being forced into having only one child through a variety of circumstances.  No matter when you decide that one child is the perfect size for your family, there are some benefits.

There are many people who will tell you that having an only child is many things, most of the negative. Though there are many benefits to having an only child. Here are some of the more commonly discussed reasons why having only one child is awesome!

  • One and done!

    Pregnancy is not the best time of your life for every woman. Some women are really sick the entire pregnancy. Some dislike the feeling of having their bodies taken over by someone else, even if only temporarily.  No matter why you dislike pregnancy, the benefit of one baby is that you can be pregnant, make your way through it and not ever have to do it again. The same goes for those who are not big fans of labor.
  • Undivided attention.

    Having a baby is so engrossing. In fact, many people, after having one baby, have no idea how they would ever be able to love a second child so much. So, some families decide not to try. Enjoying one child is a lot easier, particularly when the child is little. Though this benefit continues as the baby grows. You don’t have to struggle to get two kids to different places all the time.
  • Money.

    Yes, it does factor into family size. You can have more resources to give to one child. This is true whether you are thinking about resources being clothes and food, or whether you think of it as being toys and vacations. It costs about $250,000 to raise a child to the age of 17. That is a lot of money.
  • Easier to do things.

    Think about packing up a child for the grocery store. There is certainly no argument that it is easier to take one child shopping at the grocery than to take multiple children. The same can be true for getting tickets when out, or tables at restaurants.
  • Smaller things.

    While this may not hold true for everyone, with one child you may still only need a two-door car. This is because one car seat fits in almost any vehicle without much trouble, but two car seats can be a real pain, and three? Well, just about forget it. With one child you can also get away with a smaller home. You do not need multiple bedrooms. (Or bunk beds!)
  • Planning your family.

    If you know that you are only going to have one child, you can move to permanent birth control more quickly. This can free you up in many different ways. This is often cited as a benefit because people enjoy using the long term or permanent birth control so that they can no worry about getting pregnant again. Though many families also suggested waiting a year or two to be sure that this is what they wanted.
  • College money.

    Saving for college is a huge responsibility. Families with more than one child are definitely at a disadvantage. When you have one child you can invest more in their future, whether that be a nest egg or a college fund. And your child won’t have to split it with a sibling.
  • Bigger vocabulary.

    Many families with an only child love that they have bigger vocabularies. This comes from spending a lot of time with adults. I would say that this one may not be true if you wind up talking in baby talk or simply not talking to your baby/child.