The Many Benefits of Quitting Smoking

I Thought I Loved Smoking, but I Love the Benefits of Not Smoking More

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We all expect our health to improve when we stub out that last cigarette,  but that is just the beginning of the benefits when we quit smoking.

The benefits of smoking cessation listed below were collected from our Smoking Cessation forum members. They quickly learned that the return on their efforts to quit smoking was well worth the work it took to achieve it -- and then some.

Settle in with a cup of tea and grab some inspiration from those who have made a success of smoking cessation.

Quit Smoking Testimonials from Ex-Smokers:

  • Every breath I take feels so clean and refreshing.
  • I'm not tired during the day...yet I sleep like a rock at night.
  • I love to wake up every morning knowing that I'm a nonsmoker.
  • I have more stamina, endurance, and confidence.
  • My clothes don't stink.
  • I'm not ashamed of smoking anymore.
  • My anxiety level has gone way, way down. I worried constantly about all of the chemicals I was breathing in from cigarette smoke.
  • I can breathe!
  • I'm working out like a champ.
  • No more missing the first few minutes of my TV shows because I'm off having a smoke between shows.
  • I am in control of me again.
  • It's so nice that my garage no longer smells like a stale ashtray.
  • No more coughing.
  • I'm eating better--I used to substitute cigarettes for food a lot.
  • I can smell again.
  • I'm no longer supporting the tobacco industry.
  • It's so nice to be able to eat a wonderful meal and actually taste it.
  • My complexion is much better.
  • I'm finally doing what I said I'd do, and that feels so good.
  • I love how at the end of the week, my $20 allowance is still in my wallet and I get to spend it on whatever I want.
  • My heart feels it can do more work with less effort now.
  • I have less heartburn and indigestion.
  • More respect for myself.
  • No need to worry about attending events where I can't smoke.
  • My house smells good! My car smells good!
  • I love to DEEP belly laugh without coughing up a lung. I love not coughing constantly all day. Ahem coughs. Single little ahem coughs...remember those? The "I'm a stupid smoker" coughs.
  • No more fear of fire caused by smoking.
  • I spend money on my health now, like working out at a health club, instead of on cigarettes.
  • My sinus problems are gone!
  • My allergies and asthma have improved.
  • I don't feel like a hypocrite.
  • I'm not worried about the stress smoking puts on my heart anymore.
  • I can sing again!
  • No more time wasted smoking.
  • My teeth are whiter.
  • I love smelling that someone is making popcorn 50 feet away and through 2 doors in the cafeteria.
  • I don't get winded walking up one flight of stairs anymore.
  • My little girl is no longer afraid that Mommy will die when she goes outside to smoke.
  • My breath smells fresh instead of like a stale cigarette.
  • I love going for longer and longer periods of time without even thinking of smoking as though it doesn't exist. It has been stripped of its importance and no longer merits any attention.
  • I have sharper thinking without a cloud of smoke surrounding me.
  • I'm proud of myself.
  • No more guilt about exposing family and friends to secondhand smoke.
  • After I showered this morning, and was getting dressed, it occurred to me that I love the way I smell when I don't smoke! Even my five year-old noticed that I smell "pretty".
  • I love having a pink tongue.
  • Freedom from addiction has made my life so much more peaceful. That constant, gnawing fear in the back of my mind about whether I'd quit in time is gone. I never realized how heavy the weight of that fear was to carry until I no longer had it in my backpack.
  • I have a newfound confidence in my ability to achieve whatever goal I set for myself.

    Smoking cessation surprises all ex-smokers in one positive way or another.  We don't realize just how much it affected every aspect of life until we stop.  Once we do, the benefits begin to manifest, and life improves.

    Yes, it's hard work at times, especially early on, but dig your feet in and give it all you've got. Remind yourself daily about why you want to quit smoking, and picture yourself as a contented ex-smoker, free of the need to light up every hour on the hour.

    If you're still smoking, use the resources below to get started.

    How to Quit Smoking - An Educated Quit is a Successful Quit

    You've got nothing to lose other than a very long list of negative impacts on your life.

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